Kate Spade pimps Havana, ignores lack of human rights

Yet another sickening example of an elite retailer promoting tourism to the repressive police state that is Cuba. An insensitive privileged tourist gushes on about all the fun you can have in Havana while ignoring the repressive absence of human rights and suffering of the Cuban people.

I also discovered that…Cuba is one of the last places where you can get lost: your cell phone doesn’t work and you can’t really get on the internet. From the moment you land until you get back on the plane, you are completely and perfectly in the moment.

Continue reading about Havana as a place to go at katespade.com.

H/T: Mora



4 thoughts on “Kate Spade pimps Havana, ignores lack of human rights

  1. The question pops up – Could she write such horrible inanities of the glories of tourism in Nazi Germany, Fascist Spain or Apartheid South Africa?
    Only about communist countries can such tripe be written.

  2. Simply more of the usual obscenity. It’s not just that it’s commonplace, but that there’s no shortage of Cuban(oid) pimps who are far more contemptible than this Spade person.

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