Mr Fanjul Goes to Washington (Or Welcome to the Cuba Embargo Zone, part II)

In fact, Mr Fanjul has no need to go to Washington–Washington comes to him. Jefferson Smith would really have his work cut out for him nowadays…

Top left: Pepe Fanjul (supposedly the “Republican” arm of the family) and chum Hillary Clinton.


Imagine if you will…a place where every media mention of the Cuba Embargo also mentions (or strongly insinuates) backstage string-pulling by a greedy, filthy-rich, politically-powerful and unscrupulous cabal of Cuban-Americans who were dispossessed (“and serves ’em right!”) of their ill-gotten fortunes by the Castro regime and remain hell-bent on recouping it. Hence their sinister political shenanigans.

Now imagine an instance where this precise scenario is fully-documented–where a veritable “smoking gun” of the process is made public. Now imagine if you will that this same media hushes it all up.

We refer to the recent Hillary Clinton revelations where she admits to pressuring President Obama to lift the embargo.

As The Washington Post reported, “after returning from his first trip (April 2012), Fanjul met with his good friend, then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, to express his changing views on Cuba.”

The problem is obvious: the media/Cuba “expert” mantra on this issue portrays rapacious “right-wing” Cuban-American scoundrels devoting their money and political muscle to maintaining the embargo. When in fact the smoking gun shows rapacious Cuban-American Democratic donors and friends of Hillary doing the string-pulling. The pressure on Clinton came from the apolitical billionaire Cuban-American Fanjul clan (traditional big-time political contributors to Clinton campaigns)– and the pressure favors an END to the so-called embargo. This turns the Media/Cuba “expert” mantra on it’s head. Highly embarassing…highly discomfiting for the real string-pullers. Hence the hush-hush.



One thought on “Mr Fanjul Goes to Washington (Or Welcome to the Cuba Embargo Zone, part II)

  1. At least the Jews who collaborated with the Nazis were legitimately afraid for their lives and desperate to save themselves, but Fanjul and Cejas are not only perfectly safe but far better off materially than the vast majority of humanity. Even apart from the embargo issue, for a Cuban to be at all chummy with the Clintons is indisputably infra dig–assuming, of course, there was any dignity there to begin with. Yes, Jorge Mas Canosa, whose primary goal was a democratic Cuba, opted to play ball with Vil as a pragmatic move, but it didn’t exactly pan out. The only way to get much out of deals with people like the Clintons is to be like them or worse, and everyone is not Cardinal Richelieu and cannot play that kind of game successfully. Mas Canosa was wrong but meant well; Fanjul and Cejas are either out of their minds or, as seems much more likely, too contemptible for words.

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