Imagine a history without Castro

Internationally, Fidel Castro has exported social chaos, death and destruction, both as Moscow’s proxy and independently with illegally obtained financing. He has spread violence and terror around the globe by supplying Cuban troops, military advisors, weapons, terrorist training, exported guerilla fighters, drugs, weapons and persons trafficking, and propaganda.

Look at Latin America, where too many still struggle to overcome Castro’s exported ideology and strive for human rights, democracy and prosperity. The disaster that is Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina … imagine a Latin America free of “revolution”.

Here in the states, he inspired, trained, financed and promoted 1960’s radical groups committed to violent revolution, the SDS—later the Weathermen, The SNCC, Black Panthers, Puerto Rican nationalist terror groups, and others.

Imagine if you will, the Civil Rights movement attaining the dreams of Martin Luther King without the rage and violence advocated by Stokely Carmichael, and others.

Imagine a Viet Nam War outcome determined by our military strength and will, not by the influence and propaganda of pro-communist anti-war radical activists such as Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda, Bill Ayers, and company.

Imagine a U.S. governed this past half-century without the irresponsible influence and radical agenda’s of those friends of Fidel in Congress and the White House. Imagine the absence from politics of these 1177 anti-American organizations born of the left.

Imagine a Cuba and U.S. continuing as peaceful allies; where there would be no mass murder and repression in Cuba resulting in millions exiled, and the destruction of a nation. There would be no Bay of Pigs, no Cuban Missile Crisis, and quite possibly no Lee Harvey Oswald or Sirhan Sirhan. Imagine JFK serving his elected term, and being judged by his actions in office, not nostalgia. Imagine an adult citizenry without the illusionary dreams called Camelot.




3 thoughts on “Imagine a history without Castro

  1. And imagine where Cuba would be now as a country and society: something like South Korea, Taiwan or better. Lord, the waste.

    • In 1958, the Cuban economy was more advanced than that of South Korea or Taiwan, and the people were more educated and entrepreneurial. Imagine a Cuba with a population of 20 million people today and Havana a booming tropical metropolis. Something like a Holland, or a Portugal or Sweden.

      What a waste.

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