Castro Regime Dismisses Two of Its Most Diligent Bootlickers

Editors of "Espacio Laical" enjoying themselves in Madrid, in happier times
Editors of “Espacio Laical” enjoying themselves in Madrid, in happier times

Editors of “Espacio Laical” Booted From Their Cushy Jobs

It doesn’t take much to irritate the oligarchs who run everything in Castrogonia.

Sometimes, even when you’ve spent years licking their boots, they will kick you and knock out your teeth, simply because your licking techniques are deemed deficient.

Roberto Veiga and Lenier Gonzalez Mederos, editors of the Cuban Catholic Church’s pro-Castro journal “Espacio Laical” (Lay Space), have just announced their dismissal in an email message.

“We want to let you know that after a decade of hard work, in which we attempted to help build roads for prosperity and stability in our country, we have been freed  (“liberados”) from our positions as Editor and Vice-editor of the magazine,” they said. “It’s been a pleasure being able to share with you during this time, clinging to the belief that building a better Cuba is possible. Without you this beautiful adventure would not have taken place.”

One of the magazine’s contributors, political scientist Armando Chaguaceda had this to say from his safe perch in Mexico: “I’m surprised because the publication had attained a level of sustainability and won a space and respect from a wide audience with a moderate, postive and dialogical language. It is symptomatic of what happens when the debate touches on specific structural issues such as the opposition. It probably frightened some conservative wing of the church or state, or both”.

Ay, no me austes con tanto dialogo! (Don't scare me with so much dialogue!"
Ay, no me asustes con tanto dialogo y esa palabrota “oposicion”! (Don’t scare me with so much dialogue and that foul word “opposition”!”)

“Espacio Laical” has consistently promoted the idea that the totalitarian state created by the Castro family should be tweaked into socialist perfection rather than dismantled.

Despite its name, which suggests that the publication is in the hands of lay people, the journal has always been a propaganda rag subservient to the Castro regime and to its chief lackey, Cardinal Jaime Ortega.

No word from the dismissed editors as to what their next assignment will be.

Read the whole thing HERE from Cafe Fuerte, which broke the story (in Spanish) and HERE from Havana Times (in English).



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