Seven ungrateful Cuban ballet dancers abandon their artistic Utopia

Forget about the Cuban Five.....How about the Cuban Seven?
Forget about the Cuban Five…..How about the Cuban Seven?


What else can you call these miserable wretches?

The Revolution provides them with a free education, free training, and free health care, and they refuse to acknowledge the gifts showered on them.

All those reforms, all that change, all that uniqueness and charm that millions of tourists pay top dollar to experience first-hand.  All of that, they abandon.

It’s a crazy world.  How can you ever explain such behavior?  Who in their right mind chooses to leave an artistic paradise?

They’re worse than ingrates, come to think of it.  They’re worse than any of the demoniacs encountered by Jesus in the gospels.

Cuban Dancers Defect to the United States

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Seven dancers who defected from Cuba over the weekend now have a home at the Cuban Classical Ballet in Miami.

After a year of planning, the seven ballet dancers made it to the United States after fleeing a performance in Puerto Rico.

The dancers spoke Tuesday in Miami.

Yaima Mendez Rivero, one of the dancers, said that her uncle met up with her while her company, the National Ballet of Cuba from Cuba, was performing in Puerto Rico. They had planned it a year in advance.

Rivero said that her dreams can now be realized, that here the dream of being a dancer and being free.

Rivero was the first to arrive. She contacted the remaining six performers in Puerto Rico to let them know it was OK to come, that the coast was clear. She said they are all like family but here in Miami she stayed with her real family. She’s living with her cousin and other family members.

Rivero’s cousin, Lidiace Rivero, is thrilled to have her home with her.

Jorge Oscar Sanchez, another dancer who defected from Cuba, was reunited with his father and his sister. He expressed joy at being able to see his family again, said he saw his father in Puerto Rico and gave him a hug saying, in Spanish, it’s over, it’s over.

Sanchez will spend time getting to know his dad who’s been in Miami for 20 years as well as his younger sister.

This was all made possible by Pedro Pablo Pena, the man who started the Cuban Classical Ballet in Miami so that ballet dancers wanting to defect would have a place to go.

Pena said those who do not have family in Miami will be put up in a dance studio which is a former house. Pena himself, once a dancer from Cuba, created the ballet because 30 years ago when he left Cuba but didn’t have a place to go.



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  1. Cuban artists and athletes have been defecting for more than half a century from the socialist paradise. The difference is that during the first two decades, as in this 1966 article
    and this one
    they specifically denounced Fidel Castro and Communist terror. During the last two decades,the majority of these defectors are inhibited by their internal policeman from criticizing Fidel Castro or what they have been brainwashed into perceiving as the accomplishments of the robotlution. The only thing that hasn’t changed is that the Castro dynasty continues to refer to all those fleeing as “traitors.”

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