Breaking news: Martha Beatriz Roque speaks out against increased repression


This just in from dissident Martha Beatriz Roque, via email.

Martha’s main point: the friendlier the Europeans and Americans become to the Castro regime, the more intense its repression becomes.

Loose translation:

Agresión del 11 de junio

An awful day (Un día fatal)

by: Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello

June 11 was an unusually busy day as far as repression is concerned.  My land-line telephone wouldn’t stop ringing, and neither would my mobile pone, bringing me news of people arrested in Havana and elsewhere throughout the island.  I was reminded of the three days in 2003 when we were overtaken by a wave of repression and 75 of us in the opposition ended up in prison.

As I write this, the vast majority of dissidents remain under arrest in various municipalities: Camagüey, Santa Clara, Placetas, and Havana.

Our dissident community’s communication network was not overlooked: members of the  Red Cubana (Cuban Net) were also subjected to repression, and nine of them were arrested at the door of our headquarters: Yuleidi López González, Marta Domínguez Calero, Maritza Concepción Sarmientos, Judith Muñiz Peraza, Juan Carlos Díaz Fonseca, Billy Joe Landa Linares, José Antonio Sieres Ramallo, Rodrigo Alberto Rodríguez Verdecia y Alejando Domínguez Moreno. In Güira de Melena,  Jorge Bello Domínguez was arrested too.

As the police were conducting their round-up of dissidents, I went out to my stairway, to observe the detention of a married couple from Guanabacoa, only to discover that my way was blocked by a woman in civilian clothing, who was of African descent and approximately 35 years of age.  She said that I couldn’t go down to the street, and when I challenged her authority, asking for her identity card, all she said was she had “left it at home.”

I attempted to get past her, but she punched my left arm so hard with a closed fist that she knocked me down. When I stood up, another black woman in civilian clothing came up the stairs and stood right in front of me, blocking my path.  I asked for her identity card, and she said the same thing as the other woman: “I left it at home.”

At that instant, an official from State Security showed up and he displayed his identity card, with its three-letter acronym DSE.  He said that I was not allowed to go downstairs and that this also applied to Arnaldo Ramos Lazurique, who was in my house at that time.  He added that the noise made during my encounter with the two plaincothes police women had brought him to my door.

I asked the uniformed official why I had been beaten up and one of the woman who punched me said that I had slipped and fallen.  She knew that striking me was illegal and that I could make trouble for her.

As a result of this attack, my left arm is now swollen and I have pains in my lower back and the upper portion of my right leg.

In response  to the tolerance shown towards Cuba by countries of the European Union and by leftist governments in Latin America, the Castro regime has increased its intolerance towards its opponents from one end of the country to the other.  The regime is adhering to a formula that is proportionally keyed to foreign leniency: the more support the regime receives, the harsher its treatment of the opposition becomes.

La Habana, 12 June 2014.



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