Mother of American aid worker held hostage by Cuba’s Castro regime dies

A mother dies without being able to see her son who is unjustly imprisoned in Cuba. Yet another unfortunate victim of Cuba’s vicious and cruel Castro dictatorship.

Via The Miami Herald:

Mother of U.S. prisoner in Cuba Alan Gross dies at 92

The mother of U.S. government subcontractor Alan P. Gross, serving a 15-year prison sentence in Havana, died Wednesday without seeing her son one last time after the Cuban government denied his request for a furlough, the Gross family said.

“Evelyn Gross, 92, died June 18 in Plano, Texas, after a long battle with lung cancer,” the family said in an emailed statement. She had been diagnosed four years ago and her “last wish was to see her son before she died.”

“Cuban officials refused to give Alan a humanitarian furlough to visit his mother, despite repeated pleas and the certainty that she was dying,” the statement added.

“This is a devastating blow for Alan and our family,” said Gross’ wife, Judy Gross. “I am extremely worried that now Alan will give up all hope of ever coming home and do something drastic. Surely, there must be something President Obama can do to secure Alan’s immediate release.”

Gross was arrested in late 2009 and was convicted of threatening Cuba’s national security by illegally delivering sophisticated communications equipment to Cuban Jews. The satellite telephones that would have allowed them to bypass government controls when accessing the Internet.

A statement on Mrs. Gross’ death from Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL):

“My thoughts and prayers are with Alan Gross and his entire family during this difficult time. Evelyn Gross loved her son dearly, and it’s a shame on the Castro regime that she had to spend the final years of her life pleading for his freedom.

“This is a tragic example of just how cruel and heartless the Castro regime is. No son and no mother deserve the fate that Alan Gross and his mother faced over the last five years.

“Today, we should join the Gross family in solidarity during this moment of grief. But all decent people around the world should be outraged by the continued imprisonment of Alan Gross. We should work for his immediate unconditional release and  ensure that this already tragic story can at least end with Alan Gross’ freedom and reunification with his surviving family.”



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