New “poll” regarding Cuba embargo by Florida International University inspires Rod Serling


“You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead—your next stop, the Twilight Zone…..The lawmakers shown below exist in that dimension–because according to poll after poll after poll by Florida International University these pro-embargo lawmakers cannot possibly win elective office…”


Don’t miss the merciless demolition by Capitol Hill Cubans of the FIU poll that so inspired Rod Serling.

Past FIU Cuba polls have been sponsored by the Brookings Institution, the Cuba Study Group, the Christopher Reynolds Foundation and Mariela Castro’s favorite international patron, the Ford Foundation. This year’s poll (released this morning) was brought to you courtesy of The Trimpa Group and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

All of these groups lobby heavily in favor of unconditionally lifting sanctions towards the Castro regime.


This Video clip of a book presentation on Capitol Hill courtesy of Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Mario Diaz-Balart and Lincoln Diaz-Balart is actually a famous Twilight Zone episode…because since such intransigent legislators cannot possibly be elected–they also cannot possibly sponsor such intransigent book events.

(P.S. Congressman Diaz-Balart, if you or your staff happen upon this post–YES! I apologize but I’ve still got your elegant tie! Forgot to return it in the excitement of the occasion! (Gang, I’d somehow forgotten to pack a tie to this event. The Congressman saved the day. He didn’t think my camo t-shirt was proper for the Capitol Hill occassion)…Le ZZZUMBA!)



One thought on “New “poll” regarding Cuba embargo by Florida International University inspires Rod Serling

  1. Ah, FIU, again. So consistent–but hey, as long as there’s no serious disincentive, why not? Heaven forbid that Cuban-Americans refuse them so much as a penny of their money. It’s the same situation with the Miami Herald and even the Marlins (who recently got Che-lover Mike Tyson to pitch the first ball at a game, as if the Ozzie Guillén business hadn’t been bad enough). No wonder we get no respect.

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