Quote of the Day – Cuban apparatchik Silvio Rodriguez suddenly discovers there is misery in Cuba

Silvio Rodriguez, the Cuban songwriter and top apparatchik for the communist Castro dictatorship has supposedly suddenly discovered that not everyone in Cuba gets to live the life of luxury and privilege he and his fellow Castro apparatchiks have enjoyed for so long.

Via CUBANET (my translation):

Cantautor Silvio Rodríguez_foto tomada de internet
“The [Cuban] people are f*cked, very f*cked, much more f*cked than I had ever imagined.”



3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Cuban apparatchik Silvio Rodriguez suddenly discovers there is misery in Cuba

  1. This repulsive tool (a signer of the infamous 2003 letter supporting the summary executions of three young black men for attempting to escape Massah’s slave farm) is beneath contempt, no matter what he says. He owes everything he’s got to kissing Castro ass for decades, because he never would have gotten far otherwise–neither in communist Cuba nor in a democratic Cuba, where his highly questionable “talent” would not have been able to compete in a free market. To call him a cynical opportunist is an understatement, and he is completely untrustworthy. The very idea that he’s only now noticing how badly average Cubans live compared to free people, let alone compared to a privileged fat cat like himself, is beyond preposterous. It’s only been half a century, you POS.

  2. Breaking news: Castro regime declares “mistakes may have been made here and there, albeit with the best intentions.” I mean, give me a fucking break.

  3. I made myself read the entire original interview in Spanish (conducted by a Silvio fan). It is hardly anti-regime, but rather flirts lightly with “criticism” in the presumed spirit of “change” or “reform,” and you know how that goes. It amounts, at most, to “jugar con la cadena sin tocar al mono.” Most of the interview is Silvio holding forth on what a serious, non-commercial and dedicated Artist he is, on his supposed commitment to the Cuban people (especially those in “marginal” areas, naturally) and on inane would-be philosophical musings. To make it clear he’s as orthodox as the next Castro lackey, he goes on at some length about talking by phone with one of the “Cuban Five” in prison (unjustly, of course) and how very inspirational and edifying he found the conversation. In other words, taken in context, his comments are no more than lukewarm and no doubt fully sanctioned “frankness” which admits nothing beyond the inescapably obvious. Don’t expect more than the same old shit from this turd, even if it’s packaged a bit better than previously. It’s still shit, and it still reeks, just like him.

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