Jose Mujica: “President Obama is seeking a meeting with Raul Castro.”


Uruguyan President (and former Castroite Terrorist) Jose Mujica recently met with both David Rockefeller and George Soros in New York.

News come from the Uruguayan press that while attending a summit In Bolivia this week Uruguayan President (and former Castroite terrorist) Jose Mujica passed along an important message from President Obama to Raul Castro: reads the piece. “Allegedly the message was that the US government was prepared to reach an agreement with Cuba, for among other things lifting the trade embargo. Castro showed great interest in the proposal.”


Among the propagandizers against these safeguards for the U.S. tax-payer (the so-called Cuba embargo) and the financiers of this propaganda we find: (David Rockefeller’s) The Council on Foreign Relations, (George Soros’) Open Society Foundation, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The United Nations. The Organization of American States, The Carlyle Group, Archer-Daniels-Midland, Cargill, The Brookings Institute, The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The Arca Foundation, The Ford Foundation, The New York Times, Hollywood, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, CNN. All of the above variously lobby (or finance the lobbying) of the U.S. executive branch to circumvent the legislative branch and lift the sanctions against Castro’s Cuba by executive fiat. (i.e. to further install an Imperial Presidency.)

Unfortunately for all of the above the sanctions against Castro (so beneficial to the U.S. taxpayer) were codified into law with the Helms-Burton act of 1996. So if anything symbolizes grass roots U.S. constitutionalism vs Fat-Cat lobbying and Imperial Presidency it’s the survival of the so-called Cuba embargo. Not that you’d guess know any of this from consulting the mainstream media.

Our friends at Townhall help disseminate a few items not well-understood outside the miniscule Cuban-American informational ghetto.



2 thoughts on “Jose Mujica: “President Obama is seeking a meeting with Raul Castro.”

  1. Rockefeller looks like a grotesquely bloated decomposing rodent. Lord knows how much harm he’s done, same as the sinister Soros. As for that slug Mujica, well, at least he looks comical in his old age (though the real joke is anyone who’d want him as head of state). Still, that’s more than one can say for Nosferatu, who looks like a decrepit pile of shit. Sometimes I think his decrepitude is one more punishment imposed upon the Cuban people, one more humiliation for their catastrophic and eternally shameful folly, not to say puerile stupidity.

  2. Those communists are still oppressing Cuba in 2014 thanks to the rat of Clinton and friends. Had Bush senior (or any Republican) been re-elected in ’93 to set 16 continuous years of Reaganism that miserable and bloody slave-master with his fake military uniform would have been clubbed to death during his “special period” after having been no more than a pimp and a soviet leech for 30 years.

    Yet, the left made sure the cult-leader was given a lifeline instead – along with any escaped kids he demanded. That’s what Clinton, the “good president”, was busy with while 9/11 was being cooked under his nose. Oh yes, and exploiting female interns (to then talk about representing women).

    Then came the fool of W. Bush who didn’t even bother to stop the counterproductive visa lottery accord that feeds Castro millions of dollars and floods Miami with cherry-picked Castroid trash. Vamos, que aqui el que no es un hijo de puta es un soberano come-mierda.

    That said, Obama’s lifeline is just a ticking bomb and let us hope that the bluff of Hillary does not become president. The left is taking over the entire continent with DC’s blessing and Washington DC’s plan to secure Cuba as a Vietnam, once the moribund dinosaur and his degenerate brother die, is obvious.

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