Diego Maradona: The embodiment of everything that is wrong with Latin America

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Never mind those Dos X beer commercials featuring “the most interesting man in the world.”

How about a World Cup show featuring the most disgusting man in the world?

This essay from Panama lays it all out.  Ultimately– when you examine 21st century socialism closely — you must conclude that it is fueled by hypocrisy and that its preferred fuel additives are greed and bad taste.

Warning: May induce vomiting.

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From The Canal:

By Belen Marty

Maradona’s Personal Marketing: Humble Socialist Paid Millions in Euros

I’m a woman, let me warn you, because I’m going to talk a little about soccer. Diego Armando Maradona was the best player in the history of the sport, leaving behind personalities like Di Stéfano, Pelé, Zidane and other gifted athletes. He was not only the best player, but also one of the most intelligent people in the soccer industry.+

Why do I say this? Because he says and does what the market demands. The former head coach of Argentina’s national team is now a TV host, along with ultra-Kirchnerista journalist Victor Hugo Morales. Together, they put on a show called “De Zurda,”a joint-production from Argentina’s public Channel 7 and Venezuela’s Telesur.

Havana a good time- Maradona with Cuban President Fidel Castro

The show, broadcast nightly from Rio de Janeiro, focuses on the World Cup and offers analysis and interviews with personalities from the world of sport, culture, and politics.

The superstar’s fee is the modest, socialist sum of €4 million for a two-year contract, according to the Spanish website confidencial.com. Of course, guests on the show so far are figures that flirt with Maduro’s socialism or Correa’s interventionism. They even interviewed Evo Morales!


This is why I say Maradona’s smart. He has Che Guevara tattooed on one arm, and is an admirer and frequent guest of Castro in Cuba. He has criticized the capitalist “bourgeois” and even the Vatican’s gold. However, his business ventures after retiring from professional soccer – and off drugs – have always been accompanied by hefty contracts and fat checks.

We don’t see him off in Kenya or Niger, in Bangladesh or the Philippines. Instead, he’s at the United Arab Emirates, or in Brazil, selling what people in these countries demand. In Venezuela and Argentina, what sells is “being progressive,” and defending the rhetoric of Hugo Chávez every chance he gets.

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2 thoughts on “Diego Maradona: The embodiment of everything that is wrong with Latin America

  1. Maradona isn’t worth noticing, for the same reason roadkill isn’t, but it’s hard not to look. He’s a soccer version of Mike Tyson, someone good for one thing and one thing only, and once that’s over, the person becomes superfluous–just an animal taking up space and consuming nutrients for no good reason. He is, obviously, a crass buffoon, not to mention his drug problem, but desperate to remain a rich celebrity to be reckoned with despite no longer being relevant soccer-wise. His solution is predictably obvious and unimaginative, albeit effective: radical chic or being leftier-than-thou, the Belafonte-Glover gambit. Of course, to be fair, he’s quite in tune with the Latrine world, and others with far greater intellectual pretensions have done essentially the same thing–a certain Gabo comes to mind. Frankly, roadkill is a better bet.

  2. Yes, Maradona personifies Latrine dysfunction. If he didn’t exist, “Gabo” would’ve had to invent him. Still, I suppose I should thank the obnoxious Argentine asshole anyway. After all, contempt, like other physical or mental capacities, requires exercise to avoid atrophy and deterioration, and just looking at this prick is equivalent to a serious workout.

    That last photo, btw, is my favorite. He looks like that icky Mexican singer Juan Gabriel, just thrilled to bits he can schmooze with the Maximum Macho. But you gotta to give it to these Latrines: their sleazoid vulgarity and innate kitschiness is hard to beat. No wonder they love the Castro gang–it brought Cuba down to their level.

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