Investors beware: doing business with the Castro Mafia can lead to incarceration


As a Castronoid high-level delegation tours Europe in search of more foreign investors, this old news story about a Canadian businessman has resurfaced.

The story has popped up again because his case has finally come to court, after the long delays that are customary in the Castro Kingdom.

There is no need for those high-level Castronoids to worry about this story having a negative impact on their quest for Euro-suckers.   Hardly anyone will pay attention to the plight of this Canadian businessman.

His crime was to withhold money from the military junta that runs the Castro Kingdom.  Everyone who does business with that crime syndicate must pay their pound of flesh.

Cheating is endemic in the Castro Kingdom, and a necessary part of all business deals on the island.  Mr. Tokmakjian’s mistake was to exclude those at the very top from the cheating he was forced into by lower-level officials.

A handful of Cubans is also being prosecuted in connection with this case, all lower-level officials who dared to keep their superiors out of their deals.

From the Castro-friendly Associated Press:

Cuba Prosecutors Seek 15 Years for Canadian Businessman

Prosecutors are seeking 15 years in prison for a Canadian businessman who was arrested in a high-profile crackdown on corruption, Cuban authorities said Monday.

The trial of Cy Tokmakjian, president of an automotive and transportation company, the Tokmakjian Group, concluded June 12 and a ruling is to be announced “in the coming days,” according to an announcement published by Communist Party newspaper Granma and other official media.

The case is being watched closely by the foreign business community in Cuba. President Raul Castro’s government has said there is no place for graft in the country, although foreign executives say gifts or cash payments are often demanded in business dealings conducted with low-paid government officials.

Tokmakjian is accused of using corrupt practices to obtain benefits in business negotiations, carrying out unauthorized financial transactions, illegally expatriating large sums of money, altering records to avoid tax obligations and payroll irregularities.

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  1. Even if he gets the 15-year sentence, it won’t change much. There will always be others who think they can play the game and win. It’s sort of like Castro, Inc. being financed for decades from outside even though everybody knows the regime is an incorrigible deadbeat.

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