Quote of the Day – Spinning away Cuba’s repressive, single-party totalitarian dictatorship

When asked about the complete lack of political freedom in her country, leave it up to the crown princess of Cuba, Mariela Castro, who is a jet-setting elitist living a luxurious lifestyle thanks to the enslavement of millions of Cubans to spin away her father’s murderously repressive, single-party totalitarian dictatorship.

Via Canada’s The Globe and Mail:

Mariela Castro Espin, a member of the Cuban parliament, is speaking at Toronto’s WorldPride’s human rights conference. (Chris Young for The Globe and Mail)
“This international worldwide cliché, obviously accepted by everybody and being pushed upon by everybody is that political freedom means [multi-party system], social democracy and similar ideas. They want to impose the same things on us because if you can divide you can conquer, you weaken. We have achieved throughout history this lesson that we have learned: Unity gives you strength.”



2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Spinning away Cuba’s repressive, single-party totalitarian dictatorship

  1. The shameless and stupid cunt sure thinks people are stupid. How conveniently she ignores who has been dividing Cubans and imposing foreign “ideals” upon Cubans for the last 55 years, if not her family. After 2,000,000+ exiles, 100,000+ deaths, 300+ prisons, and a ransacked country in socioeconomic ruins the detestable and privileged scumbag sure uses the term “us” very freely.

    However, she is right about something, if you can divide you can conquer. That’s definitely something all leftists, fraudulent opportunists, communist oppressors, and populist agitators like her uncle and father know too well. It has always been one of THEIR initial tools. They also know how to infiltrate fair causes and exploit a crisis in order to impose themselves through useful dummies and at the expense of a republic.

    Yet, in a sect-camp like her daddy’s Castrolandia where cable, internet, independent press, civic congregation, inter-provincial travel, private property, and freedom of speech are all outlawed it becomes obvious, not just who’s imposing on who, but that what the imposer really fears is not division, but unity. Again, UNITY.

    She also seems to forget that her uncle’s destructive soviet model has long been discredited as a political and economically inept fraud – ONE THAT NO CUBAN EVER VOTED FOR.

  2. Uh, no, you brazen fraud, political freedom means political FREEDOM, as in NO dictatorship, let alone a totalitarian one like your daddy’s. But I don’t mind Mariela, really. I mind anybody who’d buy her transparent bullshit, or rather pretend to buy it, because only a moron would believe it.

    By the way, she doesn’t really think foreigners are stupid (well, except for Latrines). She’s simply counting on their being hypocritical fashion victims who’ll keep condoning and/or enabling Castro, Inc. as they’ve done for over 50 years (and it’s hardly an unreasonable assumption).

    And that “unity gives you strength” line is classic Orwellian doublespeak: what she means is that unified control, based on absolute power, gives you strength. Obviously, the only strength she cares about is that of the state, meaning the ruling class to which she belongs.

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