Cartoon image surprise of the day

While doing a Google search for images of Luther and the devil, this cartoon came up.

Mere coincidence?   Or foreordained?

You be the judge.

How many Cubans on earth search for images of Martin Luther and the devil that they intend to use in their next book on the Reformation?  And how many of them have the ability to immediately post the cartoon on Babalu?

It can be found on the web site “Mal Bicho”… go HERE for the original, and other images of El Maximo Zombie.



Now, back to searching for the artist responsible for this lovely woodcut from 1535: see below.    If you know the answer, please let me know.

Or, if you have the graphic arts skills to do so,  please replace Luther’s head with that of Nosferatu, a.k.a. Fidel Castro.

luther and devil




3 thoughts on “Cartoon image surprise of the day

  1. Here’s one Carlos, in the unlikely case you haven’t seen it:

    It is at least conceivable that Hans Brosamer was also the author of your woodcut.

    There’s another well-known woodcut which has often been mistaken for a depiction of Luther as the devil’s bagpipe, but it’s actually an anti-clerical piece of Lutheran origin:

    As you would know far better than I, the Protestant camp was rather more prolific, aggressive and effective in putting out anti-Catholic printed material than the other way around.

  2. Mil gracias, Asombra…. !!!! y un abrazo.

    And, yes, that bagpipe woodcut is wrongly identified very often. The artist Erhard Schoen was pro-Lutheran, so all those who say the monk represents Luther totally ignore the identity of the artist.

    Thanks again!

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