Useful idiots on parade… along with savvy handlers from the Ministry of Truth in Havana


It’s bad enough that Pastors for Peace has been campaigning in favor of the Castro regime and singing its praises for many years.

I have met some of these characters.  They have a habit of showing up at my talks on Cuba,  and during the question-and-answer segment they have no questions for me, but use their time at the microphone to call me a liar and to cite all sorts of false statistics and “facts” that ostensibly prove how wonderful the so-called Revolution has been for the Cuban people.

Some are useful idiots who desperately want to believe that communism is the solution to humanity’s problems.  But manyof them are not idiots at all: they are communists or communist sympathizers who know exactly what they are doing.

Either way — whether they are idiots or agents — these wolves in sheep’s clothing do manage to capture the news media’s attention, and even to inject their Orwellian twist-the-language strategies into the news reports written about them.

Naturally, most journalists tend to assume that Pastors for Peace really knows what is going on and Cuban exiles do not.  They wear the white hats, and we wear the black ones.

In this article from the Idaho State Journal, notice how the term “blockade” is used….

Unreal…. and so, so depressing.


Opening Cuba: Pastors for Peace working to end blockade; representative to stop in Pocatello

POCATELLO — A group working to end the more than 50-year-old U.S. blockade on Cuba and provide humanitarian aid to the country will be traveling throughout the U.S. this month to collect donations and share its message.

The Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization’s Pastors for Peace will hold its 25th Friendship Caravan to Cuba this month.

Group members will stop in 65 U.S. cities, and one representative, Dr. Leni Villagomez Reeves, a retired physician and specialist in pediatric emergency medicine, will visit with people in Pocatello on July 13, according to a news release….

….. Larry Gebhart, of the First Congregational United Church of Christ said: “Restored regular trade between Cuba and the USA would help both economies. The USA could have another nearby market to export goods and services that Cuban people want and need,” he said. “Cuba products, tourism and Cuba services could become available for Americans.”

    Gebhardt believes it’s time for both countries to move on.

    “The causes of political anger with Cuba from Cold War days have faded into history,” he said. “It will be just and fair to stop penalizing Cuban people for government policies and errors made so many years ago.”

If you want to keep reading more of this nauseating propaganda from the Castro Ministry of Truth, go HERE.



2 thoughts on “Useful idiots on parade… along with savvy handlers from the Ministry of Truth in Havana

  1. If most journalists actually assume that “Pastors for Peace” really know what’s going on in Cuba and Cuban exiles do not, then their own knowledge, intelligence and judgment are sorely deficient. However, I expect most of them do not believe such nonsense, but rather choose to operate as if they did. This is a very old problem–it’s called bad faith or, at best, wishful thinking verging on mental retardation.

  2. What I find most depressing is that we brought this kind of shit upon ourselves. There are always people prepared to use a fallen tree for timber, so to speak, and Cubans cut down the tree of their own republic–which, however flawed, was infinitely better than the totalitarian horror that replaced it. Yes, useful idiots are contemptible, and useful non-idiots are both contemptible and vile, but who opened the Pandora’s box that let such creatures out?

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