Is Venezuela ready for the Che Guevara treatment? (Orlando Borrego’s Bloody Past)


We’re reading how Nicolas Maduro’s new Cuban advisor Orlando Borrego was Che Guevara’s “friend.” In fact, according to most of his former associates (the ones in exile, anyway) the psychotic Che Guevara was incapable of any relationship properly describable as friendship.

“Orlando Borrego has joined a task force, together with Planning Minister Ricardo Menéndez, Jesús Martínez and other coworkers to outline a set of plans including a total, profound revolution in public administration,” said Venezuelan president Maduro on Tuesday on his show “En Contacto con Maduro.”

Borrego, an economist graduated from Havana and Moscow universities, “was companion of Ernesto Che Guevara, there, in the battles of the revolution,” Maduro said when introducing the Cuban advisor, AFP cited.


Well, it goes a bit further. Venezuela’s new “Planning Advisor” was also among the chief “judges” appointed by Che during the La Cabana bloodbath in early 1959. Edwin Tetlow, Havana correspondent for London’s Daily Telegraph, starting having second thoughts about the Revolution he hailed in his reporting after attending one of these “trials” where he noticed the death sentences posted on a board–before the trials had started.

“The whole procedure was sickening,” wrote New York Times (no less!) correspondent, Ruby Hart Phillips, about a trial she attended in La Cabana in early 1959. “The defense attorney made absolutely no defense, instead he apologized to the court for defending the prisoner.”

Point is, Borrego knows what it takes to get a full-fledged Stalinist regime firmly in the saddle. “No more Mr Nice Guy, Venezuelan opposition,” seems like the new message from the colonial overlords in Havana.

Orlando Borrego was also among Jon Lee Anderson’s chief collaborators for one of the Castro regime’s most resounding propaganda victories: the publication of Anderson’s Che; A Revolutionary Life, written while Anderson lived in Cuba. This propaganda tract later served as the script for The History Channel’s program on Che Guevara, where we learn such items as:

* “Che Guevara’s idealism will rarely be equaled.”

* “Che Guevara never abused his power.”

* “Che Guevara “was valiant until his last moment alive.”

* “Che Guevara helped overthrow the “U.S.- BACKED” Cuban dictator, Fulgencio Batista.”

* “At Che Guevara’s orders around 50 men were executed. He studied the evidence in each case (of the “50” executions) with methodical care. The executed were all torturers and murderers of women and children.”

“Borrego was a loyal functionary and as a person is a fine fellow, consecrated to the principles of the socialist revolution. He’s incorruptible,” Jon Lee Anderson himself just informed the BBC.


Che hagiographer and old friend of Orlando Borrego, Jon Lee Anderson, with a very excited new friend.