The Latino Child Eric Holder Booted Back Home

Cuban President Fidel Castro (R) talks wJuan Miguel Gonzalez (2nd-L), father of Elian Gonz

Given that The Godfather II ranks as the top educational source on Cuba in America. Let’s use it to educate Americans on what happened during the Elian circus/tragedy, primarily on why Papa Juan Miguel–whoops!– suddenly pulled a 360 and began requesting Elian’s return to Cuba…


…Then on Dec 5th, 1999, Castro clapped his hands. Instantly the Clinton team and their MSM minions snapped to attention. Within weeks Clinton’s INS had turned its initial decision on its head. Shortly thereafter Clinton’s lawyer chum Gregory Craig was in Havana meeting with Fidel Castro. A few weeks later the INS was kicking down Delfin Gonzalez’s door, pummeling camera men and elderly ladies to the ground with jackboots and wrenching a screaming Elian from his legal custodians in a blaze of pepper gas and machine guns. When asked for the legal authority for this, they brandished either a search warrant to seize evidence that didn’t exist (and would not have been hidden anyway) or an arrest warrant to seize someone who no one claimed was a criminal or even a lawbreaker.

“They never made it clear just what kind of warrant it was. And neither would it have been legal,” patiently explained Alan Dershowitz (no less!)

So why did Elian’s father change his tune?

Remember Godfather II? Remember the Senate hearings where Frankie Pentangeli, under FBI protection, was prepared to testify against Michael Corleone? The stage was set. Looked like a done-deal for the Feds. Then Frankie looks up and sees his bewildered brother Vincenzo from Sicily, sitting next to Mikey.

Whoops! Frankie sure changed his tune, didn’t he?

Think of Juan Miguel as Frankie Pentangeli. The gun Fidel Castro held to Juan Miguel’s head was as invisible (to those without experience with Communism) as the one Mikey held to Pentangeli’s head was to most spectators at those hearings.

Our friends at Townhall help explain items not fully understood outside the tiny Cuban-American informational ghetto.