Carrying on the family business: Hugo Chavez’s daughter caught in corruption scandal

Corruption came naturally to Venezuela’s deceased dictator Hugo Chavez, and with the help and training of Cuba’s Castro mafia, the masters of criminal corruption, he parlayed it into a family business that stole billions of dollars for themselves and their cronies. Now it is up Chavez’s daughter, Maria Gabriela Chavez, to carry on the family business and the Castro criminal legacy.

Via Fox News Latino:

Hugo Chávez’s Favorite Daughter Implicated In Argentinian Rice Corruption Scandal

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The favorite daughter of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has been implicated in a corruption scandal involving Argentina’s rice industry.

María Gabriela Chávez, 33, is said to be involved in a scheme that favored an Argentinean rice company, Bioart, by importing 37,000 tons of greatly overpriced rice to Venezuela.

According to a report by the Buenos Aires newspaper Clarín that was posted this week, the case touches the Argentine Minister of Federal Planning Julio De Vido and other high political figures. Bioart owners, the paper claims, had direct dealings with De Vido, the Argentinean ambassador to Venezuela, Carlos Cheppi, and Ms. Chávez, who was treated much like a first lady by her divorced father between 2004 and his death in 2012.

Argentina’s National Federation of Rice Entities (Fedenar) has complained about the situation, but so far the government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has remained mum on the topic.

In May of 2013, Argentina and Venezuela signed a bilateral agreement for the purchase of 80,000 tons of rice. The governor of Entre Ríos province, Sergio Urribarri, made the announcement with much fanfare at Government House in Buenos Aires during a visit by President Maduro. Urribarri said the sale would be conducted by the rice farmers themselves, without intermediaries.

However, Bioart was the only entity that received permits to export the grain, according to research by Clarín. In all, so far the company has done $23 million of business with Venezuela – and reportedly, the sales were made with almost 30 percent markups.

“These businesses benefit a few entrepreneurs and hurt many Argentineans,” the Chamber of Industrial Rice Growers of Entre Ríos Province said in a statement issued a few days ago.

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