Putin’s Latrine-Palooza tour a huge success….. for Putin

Putin in Nicarrrrragua
Putin in Nicarrrrragua

As the United States continues its free fall into the pit of irrelevance, sinking lower and lower every day, the leader of Grand Putinia continues to lay his claim on the Western hemisphere.

After visiting the Castro brothers, he flew to Nicarrrrrrrrrrrrrrragua (that’s how American liberals have been pronouncing the name of that country since the Sandinista days of the 1980’s, as a sign of “solidarity” and politico-cultural correctness, even though the trilled “r” rule has never been extended by them to any other Ibero-American country).

Then he flew to Rio de Janeiro, to take in the final game of the World Cup futbol extravaganza and strike deals with the charming presidents of Bra-zeal and Aaaaaargh-Gentina.

Warning: Graphic images.  Exercise caution.   Photos may induce seizures and produce recurring nightmares.

From the masters of understatement and restraint at the BBC:

Putin signs Argentina nuclear deals on Latin America tour

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a series of agreements on nuclear energy in Argentina.

It came during his tour of Latin America aimed at increasing Russian influence in the region.

The nuclear agreements will see the Russian atomic energy corporation Rosatom get involved in the construction of units in Argentina’s nuclear Atucha 3 power plant.


Mr Putin will go to Brazil to attend the football World Cup final on Sunday.

Russia will host the next tournament in 2018.

Bra-Zeal, such a deal!

After Sunday’s match, Mr Putin will attend a summit of the Brics emerging economies – also including India, China and South Africa – in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza.

Correspondents say Argentina is desperate for foreign investment as it faces a possible default after investors rejected its debt restructuring.

The first stop of Mr Putin’s Latin America tour was Cuba – and he also made an unexpected visit to Nicaragua, the first by a Russian leader.

“Today, co-operation with Latin American states is one of the key and promising lines of Russia’s foreign policy,” Mr Putin told Cuban state media.


Mr Putin is looking to tighten ties with this region, partly to balance a slump in relations with the West over Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, the BBC’s Sarah Rainsford in Havana reports.

In Cuba he met Fidel Castro, who led Cuba for nearly half a century before handing over power to his brother, Raul, in 2006 because of ill health.

Russian media said they discussed international relations and Russian-Cuban ties.





4 thoughts on “Putin’s Latrine-Palooza tour a huge success….. for Putin

  1. Doesn’t Dilma look good in that photo-op? So she wasted billions on what turned out to be a disastrous World Cup for Brazil. Who cares? At least she didn’t just give the money away to Cuba, like Venezuela’s been doing for years. She meant well, sort of. She meant to gain political advantage using public money, and if Brazil had made the finals and lost respectably, like Argentina did, it might have been a tolerably good investment (for her, naturally). If Brazil had won, of course, she would have been golden–big time. It would still have been a major waste of money, in real terms, for a country with serious socioeconomic problems, but like the late Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges (who didn’t get the Nobel like Gabo because he wasn’t suitably leftist) once said, “Soccer is popular because stupidity is popular.”

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