When ‘Latino’ Parents Accompanied Their Children to the US Border and Both Were Massacred by Communists


No ethnic group in the U.S. matches Cuban-Americans in their rejection of the Democratic party. This might explain why most of you, amigos, have probably never heard of this atrocity against “Hispanics” attempting to enter the U.S. Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Communist massacre.

You know it’s bad (or good, depending on your viewpoint) when a mainstream media luminary himself admits to mainstream media “negligence.” To wit:

“In the summer of 1994, something terrible happened out there,” ABC’s Ted Koppel was reporting from Havana in 1998 as he pointed towards the Florida straits. “It was an incident that went all but unnoticed in the U.S. media. The Cuban-American community protested but they protest a lot and as I say, we in the mainstream media all but ignored it. Now we welcome Cuban-American author Humberto Fontova for more details.”

“Thanks Ted! I’ll take it from here.” (Actually I’m making up the part about appearing on ABC. Actually GlennBeck TV is among the few that will tolerate me. But thanks to Ted anyway for notifying the world of this Castroite atrocity, even if four years later.)

In the predawn darkness of July 13, 1994, 72 desperate Cubans – old and young, male and female – sneaked aboard a decrepit but seaworthy tugboat in Havana harbor and set off for the U.S. and the prospect of freedom.

Let Jimmy Carter gush that, “Cuba has superb systems of health care and universal education.” Let Jack Nicholson label their captive homeland “a paradise!” Let Bonnie Raitt rasp out her ditty calling it a “Happy Little Island!” Let Ted Turner hail their slavemaster as a “Helluva guy!” Let Michael Moore hail the glories of Cuba’s health care in “Sicko.” Let Barbara Walters add gravitas while soft-soaping Castro during an “interview”: “you have brought great health to your country.”

The people boarding that tug knew better. And for a simple reason: The cruel hand of fate had slated them to live under Fidel Castro and Che Guevara’s handiwork…..

Our friends at The Blaze help alert some middle-American folks to an atrocity utterly unknown outside the microscopic Cuban-American informational ghetto.



2 thoughts on “When ‘Latino’ Parents Accompanied Their Children to the US Border and Both Were Massacred by Communists

  1. “Those people” sure do protest a lot, don’t they? Such uppity little brown island people.

  2. That photo of Rather and Fidel is a classic example of the MSM’s longstanding hypocrisy and duplicity. Neither Rather nor anyone comparable would ever, EVER have carried on publicly like that with a right-wing dictator, regardless of personal feelings. It’s not just a matter of ideological affinity, though obviously that’s a factor, but a matter of knowing what will and will not fly and what is and is not safe career-wise, and all of these people are exquisitely aware of the nuances of the game–and it IS a game, just like professional politics and even the legal system–and the point (surprise!) is to win or score, and thereby to gain.

    Said game, of course, is rigged in favor of a leftist or “progressive” posture, and those prepared to strike the “correct” pose, whether out of conviction, opportunism or both, are keenly aware of that protection and count on it as a given, which explains their astonishing brazenness. They don’t bother with more than a thin, practically transparent “disguise” because they figure they don’t need to, and that is largely true. Very occasionally, if they go far enough (as Rather did against Bush) and get caught red-handed, they may wind up regretting it, but that is clearly the exception, not the rule.

    In the case of Cuba, there’s virtually no danger or disincentive to blatant bias and even open hostility towards Castro’s victims, as has been demonstrated ad nauseam for ages. Hence, Rather’s overt public “cordiality,” not to say chumminess, toward a horrific totalitarian despot who’s never been especially subtle, certainly not after he seized power and became entrenched in it. Alas, fashion rules, and fashion victims are everywhere.

    Also, the thing about congenital liars and BS artists like Fidel is that, if they’re enabled and encouraged enough for long enough, they come to believe they’re legit, because so many “respectable” people treat them as such–and of course, that “validation” only compounds the problem.

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