NBC at it again, parroting lies about the Pedro Pan airlift…lies that reveal deep-seated prejudices


Yeah, yeah…of course, the Pedro Pan airlift was caused by the nefarious CIA through propaganda that fooled Cuban parents into unnecessarily thinking that the future of their children’s lives was at serious risk.

Yeah… sure.  Cuban parents were — and still are — as moronic and gullible as all Lateeen-ohs.

Get ready to see more of this ordure as  unaccompanied children pour over the  non-existent southern border of the U.S.A…

NBC has posted a comparison of the current crisis with previous instances of child migrations, including the Kindertransport that rescued Jewish children from the Nazi empire and the rescue of Vietnamese children in the 1970’s, during the collapse of South Vietnam.

Its brief description of the Pedro Pan airlift once again gives credence to a falsehood generated by the Castro Ministry of Truth — a falsehood that keeps bobbing up every time the mainstream news media touches on the subject, a falsehood that stays in play for a variety of reasons, but mainly because it reinforces the deeply held opinion that Cubans (along with all of their Lateeen-oh brethren) are gullible fools with limited intelligence.

Once again, as it did in its CNBC documentary “Escape from Havana,” this network claims that it is highly likely that Cuban parents were unnecessarily frightened by CIA propaganda, and therefore that it is quite possible that the United States created this unprecedented exodus on purpose, as part of its Cold War strategy.

To add insult to injury, NBC tries to substantiate its claim by linking their post to a student essay — a very unbalanced and unabashedly pro-Castro student essay! –by Meghan Vail of the University of Texas.  That essay relies on “The Lost Apple,” a book written by a disaffected Pedro Pan alumn who gave credence to the CIA propaganda story on the basis of flimsy evidence.

As a Pedro Pan kid (we will always be “kids,” no matter how old we get), and as a historian who has checked the so-called “evidence” cited in support of such a lie, I can do nothing but seethe.  Writing to NBC will not stop them from putting this lie into play.  And the same goes for all other news organizations.

Portraying Cuban parents as gullible stupid fools is what they love to do.   It confirms the bigotry they refuse to express more openly.  And… it makes the Castro regime look good, of course, which is another of their deep-seated preferences.

Goooooooooooooooooolll !!!!  53 years later, we're still crushing the other team.... we're doing better than those Germans who crushed Brazil !
Goooooooooooooooooolll !!!! 53 years later, so long after we broke up all those bourgeois families,  we’re still crushing the other team…. we’re doing better than those Germans who obliterated Brazil at the World Cup!

HERE is the offending post.  And here is the relevant section from that post:

PEDRO PAN: More than 14,000 youths arrived in the U.S. from Cuba over nearly two years from December 1961 to October 1962. Many were sent by parents who opposed the Castro regime and feared for their children’s future, a fear that may have been further fostered by U.S. propaganda. The exodus, which has come to be known as Operation Pedro Pan, was coordinated by the Catholic Church and aided by the U.S. government, which granted visa waivers and provided money for the children’s resettlement. Pedro Pan has been considered the largest exodus of children to the United States. Some were reunited with parents or family in the U.S.; most of the Cuban children stayed. Former U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez, a Florida Republican, came to America through the Pedro Pan program.



6 thoughts on “NBC at it again, parroting lies about the Pedro Pan airlift…lies that reveal deep-seated prejudices

  1. No, Carlos, NBC won’t stop this shit, and neither will other usual suspects, simply because they don’t have to, and they’d only stop doing what clearly suits them if it became too costly to keep doing it. It’s not ignorance, of course. If it were, that would automatically mean incompetence, but it’s much worse than that, and we all know what it is. Unfortunately, when such perversity is condoned, protected and even rewarded, it becomes entrenched and “validated,” which only leads to its continual and escalating practice.

  2. This is a variant on Elián, condescendingly presumptuous and insulting, but then “those people” are always fair game.

  3. Because, needless to say, foreign liberals would always know what was best for Cuban children, not to mention care about them even more than their own parents–those benighted little island people so deluded that they could actually consider themselves white. Why would one even bother with what such people think or want, when one can simply ask someone like the Rev. Joan Brown Campbell what ought to be done?

  4. The author of “The Lost Apple,” Maria de los Angeles Torres Vigil, aka “Nenita,” and her sister Alicia, have been pro-Castro activists since 1978, as seen here
    The Torres Vigil sisters participated in the so-called “dialogue” with Fidel Castro that year.
    In 1980, she was a member of the pro-Castro Chicago Cuba Committee and traveled to Cuba that summer as a member of the Antonio Maceo Brigade.
    While in Havana, she declared on June 3, 1980, to Radio Habana that the Cuban refugee children arriving in the U.S. on the Mariel boatlift “will have to confront the catastrophe of the actual world.”
    While in Havana she participated in creating the AD HOC COMMITTEE TO END THE U.S. BLOCKADE OF CUBA.
    In July 1983, DGI defector Capt. Jesus Perez Mendez denounced the Torres Vigil sisters as being leaders of the Antonio Maceo Brigade in Chicago who were controlled by the DGI.
    In 1985, she was a sponsor of the pro-Castro Cuban-American Committee.
    The pro-Castro background of “Nenita” Torres Vigil for the last four decades is never mentioned when she is interviewed in the news media.

  5. Asombra, so funny that liberals were willing to believe that it was U.S. anti Cuban propaganda that caused the parents to send their children away on those airlifts because parents don’t know what is good for their children, yet years later liberals still thinking they know better, proclaimed, with Castro, that a boy belonged with his parents.
    Liberals will say anything and then say the opposite whenever it suits them.
    So they were “for” taking Cuban children from parents before they were against it, but then we all know it takes a village to raise a child.
    Why does anyone ever listen to a liberal about anything?

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