Experience the thrill of Schadenfreude on new people-to-people Cuban excursion !!!


Schadenfreude is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.

And it’s schadenfreude that drives the Cuban people-to-people tourist industry.

Why else would anyone shell out six thousand dollars or so to visit a repressive hell hole where nearly every building is in ruins?

Insight Cuba, one of the largest tour operators in this market, has announced a new way to visit that unique human zoo.

Its announcement was in serious need of copy editing, however, insofar as truth in advertising is concerned.

It makes no mention of the schadenfreude factor.

So, Babalu’s top-notch editing service has done Tom Popper and his Insight Cuba business the great favor of correcting their prose.

Kostenlos.  Gratis.  Gratuit.  Free.  So glad to be of service to you, Mr. Popper.


From Nassau News Live:

Americans To Cruise Cuba’s Coastline Aboard The Louis Cristal In New Specialty Insight Cuba People-To-People Tour Beginning In 2015

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y., July 16, 2014 /Nassau News Live/ –  American travelers who have been waiting to travel to Cuba Castrogonia now have the exciting opportunity to discover the enigmatic impoverished island in all its captivating diversity stifling repression, on the newest 12-day Cuba by Land & Sea tour. Insight Cuba offers Americans who like to go slumming the chance to explore Cuba’s classic government-approved sights and secluded Potemkin village destinations with a six-day overland adventure and a six-day cruise aboard the Louis Cristal.

“It’s been generations since Americans could visit Cuba Castrogonia aboard a ship and discover parts of the island not easily accessible by land the island’s own natives,” says Tom Popper, Insight Cuba’s president.

Insight Cuba, the leading provider of authorized people-to-people travel to Cuba for U.S. citizens since 2000, has created the specialty tour. Prices are $5,495 per person for double-occupancy. Singles add $1,050.  You will no doubt be pleased to know that a huge percentage of these fees goes straight into the pockets of the military junta that rules the island and keeps it in a ruined state so that tourists like you can visit one of the most unique human zoos on earth.

The overland adventure starts in Old Havana, where guests will witness firsthand its totally ruined colonial beauty, including crumbling buildings, pothole-riddled cobblestone streets and the iconic Malecón, site of the largest-ever demonstration against the Castro dictatorship. After leaving the subdued bustle of Havana, the tour is off to Playa Girón, the site of the Bay of Pigs, where President John F. Kennedy betrayed and abandoned over 1,500 Cuban exiles he had sent into battle, and a visit to the Parque Nacional Cienaga de Zapata, a UNESCO reserve of abundant biodiversity that native Cubans cannot afford to visit. Then, it’s on to the Potemkin section of the UNESCO town of Cienfuegos, known as the “Pearl of the South,” (where a small percentage of the buildings have been restored just for tourists like you) before boarding the Louis Cristal.

On board, guests can enjoy all the comforts of the ship – which are totally and absolutely beyond the reach of 99 percent of the island’s residents — while cruising along 784 miles of Cuba’s coastline. First stop is the Isla de Juventud (“Island of Youth”), rarely visited by Americans for the past 50 years, and the site of one of the most brutal prisons for political dissidents ever set up in the Western hemisphere. The voyage will make another stop in Havana’s harbor and Old Havana, before continuing to the northeastern shores of the Bahia de Nipe with a port call in Antilla.  All along the way, you will be able to sip mojitos and the ironically-named Cuba Libre cocktails that Cubans hardly ever get to enjoy. 

Along the way, both on land and sea, participants will discover Cuba’s most important resource: its people sub-human residents who will make you feel so superior. Travelers will experience Cuba through memorable meetings with carefully selected propaganda-spouting residents and their inspiring infinitely depressing enslaved communities, which you yourself would never want to inhabit.



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