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What, me worry?  I am untouchable.  I am Castro, Mr. Obama.
What, me worry? I am untouchable. As I told you in South Africa, at Mandela’s funeral, Mr. Obama: “I AM Castro.” And…as my epaulets clearly indicate, I am also a five-star general!

Calls for investigation of the murder of Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero still fall on deaf ears two years after event

A Washington Post editorial has just called attention to the extrajudicial execution of two Cuban pacifist dissidents.

Will this editorial change the course of history?

Dream on: it’s reassuring to see the editors of the Washington Post call attention to this atrocity two years after the event, but they might as well shout “turn around!” at an oncoming category five hurricane, or curse at gravity.

As long as the Castro dynasty remains on the throne in their kingdom of Castrogonia, this murder will be officially deemed an “accident,” and no one will be able to conduct a proper investigation.

This is how it is with thugs who hold the world by the short nether hairs.

Look at what is happening with the search for answers in the unspeakably horrific downing of the Malaysian airliner in eastern Ukraine.  Good luck with that one, too.

Good luck ten years down the line, or twenty, or thirty, or a thousand, or a million.

Consider what happened in the case of the Christmastime 1988 downing of Pan Am flight 103, an incident best known as the Lockerbie Bombing.  Though there was abundant evidence that tied Libyan dictator and Castro friend Muammar Gaddafi to the crime, the Western powers eventually cozied up to him and allowed him to get away with murder.


 To add salt to the wound,  as an arms deal with Gaddafi proved too irresistible, Scotland freed the man who orchestrated the crime on “compassionate” grounds.  He went back to Libya and was given a hero’s welcome.

That’s just one straw in the giant haystack of injustices known as human history.

Lesson of the day: pray for justice, but don’t expect it in this world.  The fact that Gaddafi was eventually murdered by his own people cannot count as real justice, even though his captors sodomized him with a broomstick before shooting him in the head.

This is why the concept of Hell can be so comforting.   Yes, comforting.

Oye, mira que a esta escoria de Bablu le encanta jodernos.  La verdad es que no me caen muy bien...
Carajo, mira que a esta escoria de Bablu le encanta jodernos. La verdad es que no me caen muy bien… y encima de todo, ahora este profesor loco de mierda esta hablando del infierno…que incomodo me pone…Oye, Raul, cambiame la bolsa! (Damn, those scumbags at Babalu love to give us a hard time.  The truth is, I don’t like them very much…and now, on top of it all, this goddamned crazy professor is bringing up the subject of hell…it’s all making me uncomfortable..Hey, Raul, time to change my colostomy bag!)

From The Washington Post

Oswaldo Payá’s death in Cuba two years ago still awaits a proper investigation.

By Editorial Board July 21 at 6:40 PM

TWO YEARS ago Tuesday, a blue rental car was wrecked off a deserted road in eastern Cuba. In the back seat was Oswaldo Payá, one of Cuba’s best-known dissidents, who had championed the idea of a democratic referendum on the nation’s future. Mr. Payá’s voice was not the loudest against the Castro dictatorship, but it was one of the most committed and determined. On the day of the car crash, he had been trying for more than a decade to bring about a peaceful revolution, one that would empower Cubans to decide their own fate and end the half-century of misrule by Fidel and Raúl Castro.

Mr. Payá endured harassment and intimidation for his efforts. Many of his friends and allies were jailed. He received threats by phone and other warnings, some violent. But he did not give up. On the day of the crash, Mr. Payá was traveling with a young associate, Harold Cepero, across the island to meet with supporters of the Christian Liberation Movement. In the front of the rental car was a visitor from Spain, Ángel Carromero, a leader of the youth wing of that country’s ruling party, and one from Sweden.

The car spun out of control after being rammed from behind by a vehicle bearing state license plates, according to Mr. Carromero. While he and the associate from Sweden survived, Mr. Payá and Mr. Cepero were killed. Mr. Carromero says he was then coerced to confess and subjected to a rigged trial in order to cover up what really happened. Mr. Carromero’s videotaped “confession,” broadcast on television, was forced upon him; he was told to read from cards written by the state security officers. He was sentenced to four years in prison for vehicular homicide and later released to return to Spain to serve out his term.

Since then, there has been no serious, credible investigation of the deaths. Cuba has brushed aside all demands for an international probe that would reveal the truth. Mr. Payá held dual Cuban and Spanish citizenship, but Spain has been shamefully uninterested in getting to the bottom of the story. The truth matters — to show the Castro brothers that they cannot snuff out a voice of freedom with such absolute impunity.
The car that allegedly crashed head-on, causing the "accidental" deaths of Paya and Cepero
The car that allegedly crashed into a tree, head-on, causing the “accidental” deaths of Paya and Cepero



3 thoughts on “Dispatch from the desk of despair

  1. A small correction: as can be seen in the video of the death of Qadaffi which circulated on the internet, the dictator was sodomized not with a gentle broomstick, but with a large knife.

    It’s worth mentioning, of course, Qadaffi was a friend and ally of the Castro’s right up to the end. Birds of a feather.

  2. It’s a “right-wing” Spanish government playing “don’t ask, don’t tell” with Havana, so one can only imagine what would have happened under Zapatero. Of course, they don’t come much more right-wing than Franco, and he played footsie with Fidel and apparently enjoyed it. Alas, when it comes to Cuba, the Spanish are like the French Bourbons after the Revolution: they’ve learned nothing and forgotten nothing. Come to think of it, the Spanish royals come from that same family.

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