Voters should know Miami-Dade Judicial Candidate’s link to Cuba business ventures

There are numerous races to fill vacancies for Circuit Court Judge on the upcoming August 26th Primary ballot in Miami-Dade County One particular judicial candidate has been aggressively campaigning for the Cuban-American vote throughout Miami-Dade, Martin Zilber. Mr. Zilber’s campaign signs have been prominently placed in the Cuban-American community throughout the county and he is often photographed with leaders of the Cuban-American community. That’s why it most ironic and truly brazen that Mr. Zilber sits on the Advisory Board for none other than the The America’s Group Cuba Business Enterprise, an entity that publicly promotes its many service for clients seeking business opportunities in Cuba, including: “to identify and develop real estate opportunities for social interest housing and in the tourist and resort sectors. Identify strategic investment opportunities in foreign companies already doing business in Cuba. Arrange trips and person to person meetings with the government and potential joint venture partners.” The logical question is if Mr. Zilber shares with Cuban-American voters at the “comedores” and along the campaign trail his views and business ventures related to Cuba.

Mr. Zilber sits on the Advisory Board of the Cuba Enterprise project with the infamous Kirby Jones, known Castro apologist and regular Havana visitor. Washington Post journalist described Kirby Jones the following way: “Jones is described by Newsweek as having better contacts in Cuba than any other American “ and by The New York Times as ‘ the man to see about business in Cuba.’ Mr. Jones once described the community as the “highly combustible fuel of Cuban exiles.”

Mr. Zilber has every right to be part of a group that seeks business opportunities with a dictatorship like the Castro regime, but if he is running for public office in Miami-Dade County, the voters have a right to know his involvement in such an enterprise. It’s one thing to have a different policy view but it’s quite another to be directly affiliated with an entity seeking business opportunities with a government that disregards human rights and commits atrocities against the Cuban people, many who now reside in the community that Mr. Zilber is seeking support from. Mr. Zilber is free to pursue business ventures with the likes of the Castro brothers but the Cuban-American community and those who believe in solidarity should know more about his background before voting or supporting him for Circuit Court Judge. If Mr. Zilber is willing to engage with the likes of a terrorist state to provide clients with business opportunities perhaps him sitting on the bench to impart justice is not in the best interest of Miami-Dade County voters. Ultimately, the voters should decide, but at the very least, voters should know the company that a judicial candidate keeps and the type of business interests he pursues.



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  1. Now, now; I expect he likes guava pastelitos, or is ready to claim he does, which of course makes him OK. Seriously, if Reno was prepared to pull that shit when she tried to become governor, ANYBODY will do it.

  2. The Zilber camp reached out to me – as well as a few others – and asked me to post the following:

    “Martin Zilber and his family have been dear friends and strong supporters of the Cuban community for decades. He has always been a staunch supporter of keeping the embargo on Cuba. It is shameful and irresponsible to see opponents play politics with a serious issue that has affected our community for over half a century.

    Martin’s role as lawyer and business adviser to this group had nothing to do with Cuba or the embargo on Cuba. Notwithstanding, he has severed his ties with the group.

    Jorge L. Arrizurrieta”

    Now, I dont necessarily agree with Mr. Arrizurrieta in that the original post was playing politics and thus shameful and irresponsible. Fact of the matter is that at the time of this post’s writing, Mr. Zilber was associated with The America’s Group – whether by deed or by name only – as shown on the links included. I dont doubt Mr. Zilber’s love and respect for the Cuban exile community nor his support for current Cuba policy, however, and he certainly has the support of prominent leaders and other movers and shakers in our community.

    Val Prieto
    Founding Editor
    Babalu Blog

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