What Fidel Castro and the ANC don’t want you to know about Cuba and South Africa

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

What Fidel Castro and the ANC don’t want you to know about Cuba and South Africa
“Cuba is the sea of happiness. Towards there goes Venezuela. ” – Hugo Chavez,  March 8, 2000

Open Letter from the ANC to the Communist Party of Cuba
Voice of America is reporting that South Africa has launched a campaign against US sanctions on Cuba. Reasonable people can disagree on the wisdom of sanctions and also taking into account the South African government’s close relations with Cuba the position is not at all surprising and should not be a shock. Nevertheless, the call to release the remaining Cuban spies serving sentences for past crimes in the United States should give one pause. The misnamed “Cuban Solidarity Campaign” seeks to support the Castro regime. Finally what raised concerns about the future of South African democracy is an “Open letter from the African National Congress (ANC) to the Communist Party of Cuba” written by Gwede Mantashe and published on July 25, 2014 that not only celebrates the Cuban Communist Party but its guiding hand in shaping South African democracy while also quoting Lenin:

“In our quest to strengthen and consolidate our democracy, we still rely on the PCC`s willingness and ability to hold our hand against all odds. The ANC will continue to work closely with your party collaborating in all aspects of development and peace. As Vladimir I Lenin stated, ‘taking power is easy the challenge is keeping it.’ Demands on our 20-year-old democracy are many and varied. The glaring inequality and abject poverty of the majority of South Africans did not come in 1994. This is the legacy of centuries of oppression and deprivation.”

However, ideas have consequences as does the belief that “it can’t happen here.” For example in Venezuela, under a flawed democracy, many thought that Hugo Chavez would shake things up but that it was impossible for the country of Bolivar to follow the path of Cuba under the Castro brothers. Despite the claims of President Chavez that this was precisely where he wanted to take the country. Fourteen years later and with a heavy Cuban presence involved in the repression of Venezuelans and the rule of law obliterated; opinions have changed. Many Venezuelans are risking their lives and freedoms to restore the rule of law, basic freedoms, and ending the rising violence in society. 

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  1. The ANC is still perfectly OK with the barbarous savagery practiced by Winnie Mandela in her heyday. Besides, the whole Mandela-Castro business is nauseatingly hypocritical and perverse, on both sides, who simply used each other for self-interest. A pox on both their houses.

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