British inventor poses a challenge to Cuban exiles in South Florida

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Here’s a challenge for Cuban exiles in South Florida.

Can you fellow intransigent hardliners down there beat this British inventor who just unloaded a giant burst of artificial flatulence at France?

Why not send a giant fart to Castrogonia too?  Maybe from Key West?  Or, if the 90 miles prove too daunting a challenge, how about doing it from a boat in international waters, just over the line, within sight of Havana?

Time to show the world that Cuban ingenuity extends beyond the rolling of giant cigars or the preservation of classic American cars from the 1950’s.

(…Something smells peculiar about this news story, however…no pun intended…. the inventor’s surname is “Furze”…. how convenient… how poetically just: “Furz” is German for “fart.”)

So, get to it, down there.  You are uniquely positioned, compatriots.


From the Daily News, source of the most important information on earth:

British inventor creates giant buttocks to ‘fart on France’

Colin Furze — who has invented a jet-powered bike and a drivable toilet — created a giant butt with a pulse jet that sounded like breaking wind, and faced it across the English Channel toward France for the stunt.

An eccentric British inventor has realized his dream of firing a “fart gun” from a massive model butt towards France.

Colin Furze was apparently determined to make something loud enough the French could hear it from England.  The countries are around 22 miles apart from where the fart gun was fired, in Dover, southern England.

Furze built a pulse jet and attached it to giant buttocks and fired it from cliffs overlooking the English Channel. Apparently the reason he used a pulse jet is because it sounds like a fart.

The event was videoed and a crowd turned out to watch Furze successfully complete his unique mission.

An accomplice stationed in France confirmed the “muffled mumbling” noise could be heard across the Channel.

Mon Dieu...quel est ce bruit offensive?
And…across the channel… a reaction.

Whole story HERE.  And….. SEE it and HEAR it  HERE.

Surreal enough for you yet?
Surreal enough for you yet, NBC?



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  1. Sorry to disappoint you, Carlos, but Florida Cubans won’t follow suit. They might, however, develop a giant long-range cannon so that goods/remittances currently transported by mules can be fired over the Florida Straits to land in Cuba. That would be far more in keeping with the prevailing mode.

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