Parasitic Raul Castro clings to Chinese dictator during his entire visit

Guayabera party for all the Party members!!!
Guayabera party for all the Party members!!!

Would it be correct to say that Raul Castro played “host” to chinese strong man Xi Jinping last week?

Perhaps not.  After all, in all parasitic relations, the parasite feeds off the host, but in this case Raul was clearly the parasite, never letting go of Xi during the entire visit.

Dictator Xi was very glad to have his hands and feet kissed by a drooling and utterly desperate Raul.

Raul and Xi  flew to Santiago de Cuba to visit the Moncada barracks and to heap abuse on the memory of Cuban poet Jose Marti.  The two dictators laid a wreath on his tomb and praised him as a “revolutionary pioneer.”

Raul also rounded up every guayabera on the island to outfit his goons and the entire Chinese delegation in traditional Cuban macho-man garb.

Xi goes home feeling well-rewarded for his patronage, secure in the knowledge that Castrogonia is in his guayabera pocket, along with its colony of Caracastan, and that the rest of Latin America will soon fill his other pockets too, as the United States of America continues to recede into its shell like some hermit crab.

From the Chinese Ministry of Truth:

Xi Jinping Visits Santiago de Cuba in the Company of Raúl Castro at All Times

On July 23, 2014, President Xi Jinping, accompanied at all times by Raúl Castro, President of the Council of State and President of the Council of Ministers of Cuba, visited Santiago de Cuba, the Heroic City and the second largest city of Cuba.

It was one and a half hours’ flight from Havana to Santiago de Cuba. The two heads of state had a warm talk in the special plane, chatting cheerfully about friendship and discussing cooperation. Xi Jinping said that the Cuba Revolution Day is three days away, and I am delighted to pay a visit to Santiago de Cuba on the eve of it in the company of President Raúl.

After arriving in Santiago de Cuba, Xi Jinping, accompanied by Raúl, first laid a wreath at Jose Marti’s tomb. The two heads of state stopped at the long-burning fire. Soldiers relieved guard with drumbeats. The military band played the national anthems of Cuba and China. Accompanied by marches, the guards of courtesy carried the wreath and led the two heads of state to stand in silent tribute before Jose Marti’s tomb. Xi Jinping went up to tidy the ribbons and present flowers to cherish the memory of the Cuban national hero and revolutionary pioneer….

…Xi Jinping stressed that his visit to Latin America rounded off in Cuba. President Raúl arranged schedules himself and took pains to accompany him throughout the visit, making him feel the profound friendship that President Raúl and the Cuban party, government and people toward China. I express sincere gratitude to this and wish the China-Cuba relations move forward constantly and the friendship between the two countries last forever.

Entire account available HERE.



4 thoughts on “Parasitic Raul Castro clings to Chinese dictator during his entire visit

  1. That HUGE SUCKING SOUND you hear is Raulita doing the best Lewinsky servicing in back-to-back dates with Russian and Chinese strongmen PUTIN and XI.

  2. Those guayaberas probably came from Miami–assuming they weren’t made in China. By the way, for those of you in the market for a guayabera, I highly recommend the “Guayabera Lady” store in Miami, which also has a website for online orders (free shipping within the US). The more famous Puig store (once visited by President Reagan) is more expensive, and the last time I visited, it was too overstuffed with merchandise for shopping comfort.

  3. Conchita, don’t underestimate the triple fraud ruling Cuba. He may be a whore, but whores don’t put out for free. He expects payback and gain for his services. In other words, he’s not some starry-eyed intern or groupie just giving it away.

  4. China and Russia know, better than anyone, that the Castros are capricious and economically inept garbage. These aren’t stupid American leftists still duped with utopian propaganda, shows, and outdated “anti-capitalism” bullshit from the Soviet era. These aren’t Latrine American deadbeats either, looking for tyrannical assessment.

    Sure, Putin and Xi may make echo of Castro’s rhetoric but it’s all theatrics to please the current hosts (one already senile and the other no more than an appendage). Their interest is in Cuba and in the post-Castro government, not the Castros. They may be smiling at the Castros but they are just savoring the moment these two termites finally go to hell.

    Let’s not forget that these former Stalinist states are the ones who taught Castro the very propaganda he uses and the ones who sent Castro’s model to hell, decades ago, in their own nations. They know you can’t live off of lies and they know Castrolandia is a pathetic shit-hole the result of an egomaniac clinging to obsolete ways, for the sole purpose of his personal safety, nothing else.

    They know the dinosaur is full of crap and none of them are interested in it. It seems evident to me, given the timing, that they are interested in having a foot in Cuba before the duo of overdue egomaniacs goes to hell (with their Stalinist model following behind them) and before that centralized governmental structure collapses. Making an appearance now, as the generous old friend, makes perfect sense.

    More so, they are also seeing that USA is making no effort to topple the moribund regime; all the contrary, they give it oxygen. Thus, having the biggest island in the Caribbean, one 90 miles off of USA, seems like a good investment. That said, Cubans should have never fallen for American propaganda the same way they should have never fallen for Castro’s but it’s too late for that.

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