Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: Carvajal 1, Welfare State 0, US of A offside, El Nacional -1

Via Venezuela News & Views:

Carvajal 1, Welfare State 0, US of A offside, El Nacional -1
The Netherlands King visits the naked emperor of chavismo

So, as I was afraid, Carvajal was released, and faster than I expected.  I must confess that for a while I thought the Dutch would be firmer, and at least negotiate something solid back for them. Why, the infamous plane blasting would have put enough outrage in its leaders to show resolve! And yet in my first two entries on the subject I was careful to note that there was still a stretch to see Carvajal rot in an US jail.But the Dutch are the Dutch, they are not principled like Scandinavians, they are not reckless like Latins. Business is ALWAYS business with them, nothing personal. At home they are paragon of civic attitudes and virtue. They will save Anne Frank while in Indonesia the natives did not miss them when the Japanese invaded. In the end they lost both but that is another story.

And let’s face it, why would the Netherlands go to war with Venezuela over Aruba? Over what looks now like a botched DEA job? Did they not send Willem and Maxima to see Maduro last November? The only European head of states in a long time willing to breathe the foul air of Caracas…..

There is a reason why countries are not ready to take definite stands against thugs like Venezuela or Putin: too many economic interests put together with real expensive welfare state systems. Welfare systems are sustained in large part on the big amount of taxes companies like Shell pay the Dutch treasury: company taxes, income taxes from its employees, sales taxes from Shell’s products sold in the Netherlands, and local taxes here and there. I do not know what is the extent of Shell or other Dutch companies exposure in Venezuela, directly or indirectly through “associations”, but it must be big to be the only European willing to send its king, and to release Carvajal so quickly.

And that is all I will blame the Dutch with: they are true to themselves and there is no point in being upset at them more than necessary. The Dutch are tough when they are in a group, very tough. But alone in front of Venezuela, because the US of A is using them instead of doing the job themselves……  here, if I am going to put most of the real blame, it is on the US of A. Sorry.

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2 thoughts on “Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: Carvajal 1, Welfare State 0, US of A offside, El Nacional -1

  1. I agree, not only will USA not defend or compensate Aruba for fighting battles on its behalf (we should all know about USA’s loyalty and trustworthiness by now) both the FARC and Maduro are the direct product of communist Cuba, which is the result of USA propping, serving, and protecting Fidel Castro for 55 years and counting.

    More so, the absurd and failed drug war stinks by now. It is a known fact that much more cocaine was imported into Miami through Cuba and what did USA do? NOTHING. Thus, what should Aruba/Netherlands do now on behalf of USA regarding this matter? Exactly the same, NOTHING.

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