Rep. Joe Garcia’s (D-FL) two-handed approach to Cuba: Dissidents with one hand, cash from Castro supporters with other hand

South Florida journalist and blogger Elaine de Valle takes on the hypocritical and shamelessly duplicitous U.S. Representative Joe Garcia (D-FL), South Florida’s 26th district’s earwax eating, communism celebrating, clown of a congressman.

Via Political Cortadito:

What hypocrite Joe Garcia didn’t tell Cuban dissident he met


Que cara mas dura tiene Congressman Joe Garcia.

Loosely translated, it means he is two-faced. But I like the Cuban version of “hard face” better. Because Garcia’s has to be made of stone to face a true Cuban dissident, the wife of a man who was held in Cuban prisons for 20 years, and pretend to admire her.

Garcia and the other four Cuban-American House members (who knew?) met Tuesday with Yris Tamara Pérez Aguilera, wife of Cuba’s best known political activist, Jorge Luis Garcia Pérez. Also known as “Antunez,” Garcia Pérez  spent almost two decades in prison for working against the improved U.S.-Cuba relations Garcia promotes.

The Garcia press release with the photo opp below attached says Antunez was imprisoned for “actions and activities against the Cuban regime.”

But the truth is Antunez was imprisoned, beaten, choked into unconsciousness and injected with an unknown substance by security agents who warned him to stop working against warmer U.S.-Cuba relations.

“It is an honor to welcome Ms. Pérez Aguilera to Washington today and help her continue the quest for freedom in Cuba” Garcia said in his statement. “Having dedicated much of my career to promoting human rights and democracy in Cuba, I am truly inspired by this couple’s untiring commitment to the Cuban people and their courage and bravery in the face of continuing abuses by the Cuban regime.”

Really? Really? Haven’t you dedicated your career, Joe, to taking contributions from the very people here whose companies do business with the tyrant brothers’ monopoly on the island and benefit from the Cuban regime’s forced separation of Cuban families?

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  1. This guy strikes me as the embodiment of the worst political stereotype–just seeing him makes my skin crawl. Talk about embarrassing. Still, the real problem, as always, is people who’d vote for such a sleazeball.

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