Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: Open letter to Senator Mary Landrieu, of Louisiana

Via Venezuela News & Views:

Open letter to Senator Mary Landrieu, of Louisiana
Suitably dressed in chavista red
 Dear Senator Landrieu

I am writing to you in respect of you accepting lobbying money to defend CITGO refineries in Louisiana. You have in an ill advised way blocked a US Senate bill that only aimed at putting some personal sanctions over some of the main culprits of human rights violations and drug traffic in Venezuela. Allow me to straighten you up.

First, whatever “protection” you may give Citgo, it is likely going to turn out to be a lousy investment. The dictatorial regime of Venezuela is planning to sell Citgo, to pay off the huge debts accumulated, to continue its rapacious corrupt nature, and why not, to get some more cash to buy repressive violent tools against its population. You can be assured that whenever Citgo is sold, a major adjustment plan will be needed and many jobs will be lost in Louisiana. Not to mention that Citgo today depends heavily on Venezuelan crude of low quality and thus may give up that dependency; while it gets new oil sources the new management will not have qualms in cutting down whatever needs to be cut down in Citgo.

In short, the odds of you getting plenty of egg on your face are big. It does not matter how much you may help the Venezuelan dictatorial regime, this one will drop you as it wishes, as it has betrayed whenever convenient ANY political ally it has harbored.

Second, I do hope that you are aware that you are supporting a regime that was friend with Qaddafi, that supports Assad from Syria, that is supporting Hamas without any condition, that is antisemitic, homophobic and what not. And this I mention before I would start listing all of its human rights record, its violations of all legality in Venezuela, its dictatorial nature, that Venezuela has become under Chavez and his successor the main through-way for drugs going to the United States, etc. I hope that even the dumb staffer that advised you on such a position will redo his or her homework and come to grips about the price to be payed by your reputation for a few hundred jobs in Louisiana, which do not assure reelection to begin with. Because, dear Senator, you are supporting an avowed enemy of the United States.

Third, if the above rational, logical, public knowledge only missed by your staff but well managed by Patton Boggs who cashed hundred of thousand of dollars from Citgo giving you only 75,000 (how profitable for you is that?) is not enough allow me to give you the human touch.

I have been blogging for over a decade to denounce the Chavez regime in Venezuela. My blog is well known and even brought me to the attention of major communication networks. I am not writing this to brag, I am writing to let you know that I know what I am writing about and my credibility has been gained over a decade of coherence in my analysis. This is not a miffed letter like the one that could have been fired by a miffed constituent of yours.

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  1. Landrieu isn’t going to help Venezuela any more than pols hoping to bring profitable business with Cuba to their states are going to help Cuba. It doesn’t even matter if such hopes are realistic or not; politics is much more about perception than truth, and it’s FAR more about staying in office than doing what needs to be done.

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