Exposed: Political agenda to undermine U.S. policy behind AP hit piece on democracy programs in Cuba

Notice how none of the “sources” used by the AP in fabricating this hit piece deny they were driven by their political agenda. In fact, they are proud of their efforts to undermine U.S. policy.

Daniel Wiser in the Washington Free Beacon:

Critics Question Sources for AP Report on Cuba Democracy Program
Say sources had political agenda to undermine U.S. policy

Cuban soldiers bearing their national flag / APCritics are raising questions about the Associated Press’s recent report on a U.S. program to foster civil society in Cuba and have accused the news organization of cooperating with sources who have a political agenda against U.S. policy toward the island.

The AP recently reported on the program that sent Spanish-speaking youth to Cuba to help build health and civil society associations, which the news organization described as a “clandestine operation” with the goal of “ginning up rebellion.” Human rights groups involved in the program criticized the report and said it mischaracterized the nature of the civil society projects.

Defenders of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) program say the AP has been less than forthright about the sources for its reporting. They also allege that the AP obtained information and documents from longstanding critics of U.S. policy toward Cuba’s communist government.

The anti-Castro website Capitol Hill Cubans alleged that the key source for the AP’s reporting on both the civil society program and a separate project, an attempt to develop a Twitter-like social media service for Cubans, was Fulton Armstrong. Armstrong is a former Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC) staffer and senior intelligence analyst for Latin America.

Armstrong told the Washington Free Beacon in an email that although the AP contacted him, he was not the main source of information and documents. “The AP’s reports are pretty obviously based on documentary evidence provided by insiders concerned about the regime-change programs,” he said, adding that he was never fully briefed on what he called USAID’s “clandestine, covert operations.”

“Because the SFRC had investigated these scandalously run secret programs during my tenure on the Committee staff, and because my boss (Chairman [John] Kerry) was concerned enough to put a hold on the programs for a while, I was logically among the dozens of people to be called by the AP reporters,” he said.

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  1. Shit like this only further proves the obvious: only Cubans themselves will ever free Cuba, IF they’re serious enough about it.

  2. The photo reminds me of Fidel and crew wearing religious paraphernalia at the beginning. In both cases, we’re talking fraud, if not blasphemy.

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