Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: Venezuelan weather vanes

Via Venezuela News & Views:

Venezuelan weather vanes

I suppose that I should start with an apology: a lot of important stuff has been happening in the political country and I have not covered it. The only excuse is that things are changing so fast, and so nowhere, that I was vainly hoping for a weather lull to try to figure out the direction things were taking.  Alas, it’aint not happening.

The heavy sense of being adrift is permanent. Both sides of the political spectrum are at a loss as to what to do with themselves. And this is aggravated for the regime as it needs to find a way to keep ruling the country while maintaining it viable enough so that looting can go unabated. All measures, from both sides, are piece meal, expedient, often amoral, improvised, even politically rudimentary as the country is regressing not only in technology but also in political language and ideas. A home made weather vane would be more effective to give us direction.

This being said, let me take a shot at writing a rather long piece that some of you may find entertaining to read this week end if you are bored.

For chavismo it is “the price of gas, stoopid!”

The regime keeps its inner fights and used the III PSUV ideological congress to reassert the regime hold to power. No expense was barred to make sure no waves would be made by an increasingly disgruntled base who seems to be turning every day more radical.

As expected, 15 years of ideological bullshit monitored from Cuba have had their consequences. Now there is a radical left wing inside chavismo who after 15 years has such great blinders that not only they fail to see the economic problems of the country but think that the real problem is that the chavista pseudo revolution did not go far enough. For them bourgeois society should be swept away once and for all, because Venezuela can stand on its own, globalization is a myth and whatnot. Add to this that likely many are upset that their share of the loot has not covered their expectations.

As a consequence, those that indeed have benefited from chavismo, from bureaucrats ensconced in AC ministries to the infamously rich and infamously corrupt bolibourgeois, are concerned. See, the rich that the radicals see everyday at work are those new rich, not normal hard working capitalists like Lorenzo Mendoza of Polar group.  And they know first hand how bad this bolibourgeois (cum drug traffickers) are.

The current post Chavez leadership senses the danger so the III PSUV congress “elections” was made with nearly 50% appointed delegates and a lot of pressure on the elected ones. As such the radicals did not get much more than 20% of the seats. And since they are themselves divided (mercifully!) they had no leverage.

But the risk of PSUV division, barely pushed back for the time being, are not the real problem of chavismo. While all of these internal struggles keep taking place, no serious economic measure are undertaken and the economy keeps deteriorating. No better example than discussing the price of gas.

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