Tourists in love with apartheid keep flocking to one of the worst hell-holes on earth


Why do they do it?

Because they have no conscience.

Because they are hypocrites.

Because they are racists.

Because they are sadists.

Because –unlike those who nailed Christ to the cross — they know exactly what they’re doing.

Because…. because….. because…… *&^%$#@!

But, please notice, tourism lags behind “the export of services” as the top source of foreign cash for the Castro dynasty.

This means that the soul-less tourists have been trounced in the realm of unethical behavior  by the cretins who profit from the  “export” of slave labor.

Some Revolution!

From Fox News Lateeeeeeen-oh

Castrogonia’s revenue from tourism grows 4 pct, but remains below target

International tourism generated $1.08 billion in revenues for Cuba in the first half of 2014, an increase of 4 percent over the same period last year, the National Statistics and Information Office, or ONEI, said Tuesday.

Cuba earned a total of $1.8 billion from tourism last year.

The tourism sector is the second largest source of foreign currency for Cuba after the export of services.


In the first six months of 2014, the arrival of foreign visitors grew 3.7 percent to 1.66 million, compared with 1.59 million during the same period in 2013.

Canada, Germany, Britain, Italy and France remain Cuba’s principal tourist markets, while Argentina, in sixth place, is its biggest source of tourists among Latin American countries.

A retired Cuban professor reacts to the news

In 2013, Cuba welcomed 2.85 million travelers, which represented a modest increase of 0.5 percent over the previous year, but for this year, the island set itself the goal of attracting more than 3 million visitors.

Official Cuban media have acknowledged, however, that with its current rate of growth, the sector is unlikely to achieve that goal.




3 thoughts on “Tourists in love with apartheid keep flocking to one of the worst hell-holes on earth

  1. They do it because it works for them and there’s no significant disincentive. They’re obviously NOT concerned with the implications or consequences of foreign tourism in the Castro plantation–but then again, the same could be said in principle of Cubans abroad who keep pumping ever greater amounts of material sustenance into the Castro system. In both cases, the focus is on the personal and immediate; anything beyond that is essentially a non-issue.

    These foreign tourists see the natives as vacation resort personnel and/or a kind of human wallpaper to decorate and liven up their stay. Cuba is a theme park to them, so Cubans are naturally seen and taken in that context, and no doubt many if not most Cubans they come in contact with play into that mindset in order to get what they can out of the visitors.

    There’s not much point in expecting human nature to change for the sake of Cuba’s freedom, because it won’t. The key factor here is the lack of social stigma or of any sense of impropriety except from “those people,” who’ve been demonized or at least reduced to two-dimensional caricatures that can be easily dismissed or ignored. So basically, these tourists do Cuba because they want to and there’s practically nothing to deter them.

  2. Oh Lord, that old hag is hideous and she is somehow ubiquitous. You can’t open up a travel book on Cuba without seeing her hideous buffoon face staring out at you. Horrible thing is that she has become the face of Cuba. Cuban women have gone from being rumberas to this old hideous hag. Not that rumberas was a necessarily positive image, but certainly better than that old hag with the cigar.

  3. The woman herself, who may not have anyone in the US to support her, is doing what she thinks will sell to a tourist audience, and evidently it DOES sell. The fact she and others like her have been taken at face value by foreigners is very telling, but hardly surprising. It’s a way of reducing Cuba to a “colorful,” quaint and amusing lark, not to say joke, a source of entertainment and diversion for REAL people–you know, like Canadians. The outsiders who patronize this woman or accept the equally grotesque racist caricature of “Juana la Negra,” the advertising gimmick for Cuban (regime) “Bucanero” beer, know perfectly well such things would not fly in REAL countries, certainly not in the US, but in Cuba’s case it’s perfectly “acceptable”–noble savages and all that. Needless to say, there’s a HUGE amount of condescension and, yes, racism involved, but again, it’s Cuba, so no biggie. Hypocrisy, after all, has always been the name of this game.

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