Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: Maduro in Cuba, mutual ass kissing with Fidel Castro, orders clearly implied

Via Venezuela News & Views:

Maduro in Cuba, mutual ass kissing with Fidel Castro, orders clearly implied

It is kind of impressive that as I was writing on the start of rationing in Venezuela Maduro had a surprise quick trip to Cuba, our colonial master. So many messages…  Let’s start with the picture.

What is wrong here?

Could it be the first lady a.k.a. the “first fighter” sitting attentively demure in front whereas we would have expected either Fidel or Nicolas?

Could it be that all attendants are wearing the de rigueur white shirt of Cuban higher ranking officials?

Could it be that the house of a “revolutionary” seems rather well appointed, in the style of cozy Latin Bourgeoisie? And with modern finishes to boot.

Let’s look now at the information available.

We could start with El Universal which since its recent acquisition by a mysterious owner turns out increasingly laudatory pieces over Maduro. We read that Fidel is pleased with the help sent by Venezuela to Palestine. We learn that Maduro defends Venezuelan oil interests in Cuba. How is that possible or effective is not explained. Maduro tells us that the meeting lasted 6 hours and that he found Fidel energetic and clear minded. Then again Maduro killed Chavez talking to him for about the same amount of time a very few days before he “officially” croaked.

But it gets better, after the 6 hours Fidel and Maburro Maduro went out for a field trip to see the “sembradíos, donde él personalmente atiende todos los días los proyectos agroalimentarios” planted fields, where he personally supervises everyday the agroalimentary projects.   Probably Maburro Maduro tries very hard to forget the myriad of historical projects Fidel concocted, all consistently ruinous failures. Or worse, he confuses Fidel attending his garden as any retiree does as a national project. Let me remind the reader about “ubre blanca” or the “10 million tons” sugar cane (1). And we finish with a flourish as Maburro Maduro reveals that Fidel is doing deep investigation of high protein content vegetables for a green revolution of his own. I am not holding my breath, Fidel Lysenko.

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