New “privately-owned” restaurant in Havana celebrates Soviet colonial era


The so-called “Cuban Revolution” led by sociopathic tyrant Fidel Castro loved to employ anti-imperialist and anti-colonialist rhetoric in its propaganda –internally and externally– but even the most mentally-challenged of Cubans could tell that the so-called Revolution had turned Cuba into a colony of the Soviet empire.

Now that there is no more Soviet Union, some in Castrogonia, Canada, Europe, and other corners of the globe are hankering for the good old days when Cubans were colonial subjects of that once-grand communist empire.  After all, life was so much simpler and wholesome for all leftists back then, and especially for those Cubans who sold their soul to Castroism and Soviet colonialism.

So…. of course, why not open a “privately owned” restaurant that celebrates Soviet imperialism and the subjection of Cuba to a great colonial power!  After all, isn’t groveling to some greater power what  all “Revolutions” are all about, ultimately?

And why not festoon the walls with Soviet posters and why not make the “mow-hee-tows” for the tourist clientele with vodka rather than rum?

And….does anyone want to bet on whether or not the Cuban partners of the Canadian who funded this monstrosity are part of the power elite who control the island slave plantation?


From the finest and most objective of all news bureaus in Havana, The Associated Press:

Havana Retro-Soviet Restaurant a Nod to Nostalgia

There’s no rice, beans or fried plantains at Havana’s newest private restaurant. You can order a minty mojito, but it’ll come mixed with vodka instead of the traditional white rum.

The waiters speak Russian, and patrons are expected to order in that language if they want to get served. But don’t worry, the menus at this retro-Soviet restaurant come with translations and pronunciation guides for the non-initiated.

Nazdarovie, which is named for the popular Russian toast and opened Friday, is all about Slavic fare like bowls of blood-red borscht and stuffed Ukrainian varenyky dumplings, hand-rolled in the back by “babushkas” who were born in the former Soviet Union but have long called Cuba home.

It’s a nod to nostalgia for the island’s Soviet ties during the Cold War, a time when Moscow was Havana’s main source of trade and aid and hundreds of thousands of Cubans traveled to the Soviet bloc as diplomats, artists and students.

“For most of them it was the first time they ever left this island. They have nostalgia about their time there, about the flavors they experienced for the first time,” said Gregory Biniowsky, a 45-year-old Canadian of Ukrainian descent who dreamed up Nazdarovie and launched it with three Cuban partners.

“The idea with Nazdarovie is really to celebrate a unique social and cultural link that existed and to a certain degree still exists today between Cuba of 2014 and what was once the Soviet Union,” said Biniowsky, a lawyer and consultant who has lived in Havana for two decades.

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4 thoughts on “New “privately-owned” restaurant in Havana celebrates Soviet colonial era

  1. Why does this make it on ABC News? That’s what astounding to me. All of these non-news items from Cuba make it on to important news agencies like ABC News, Reuters, AP, etc… You would think that Cuba was the most important country in the world and everyone was waiting with baited breath to hear anything about Cuba [anything that’s not critical of the regime that is].

  2. This is like nostalgia for being used, manipulated, oppressed and kept in chains. The sick indignity of it is disgusting and repulsive. But hey, whatever sells.

  3. This makes it to ABC News and elsewhere because it sends the message that Cubans were OK with being Soviet vassals and, by extension, OK with Castro, Inc. for putting them in that position. In other words, it supports the underlying and longstanding MSM message that the Cuba situation under Castro has never been truly bad, and that assertions to the contrary are just reactionary hysteria spread by “those people.” If you don’t believe me, ask Linda Ronstadt.

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