Young Fidel idolater gets lots of attention from Reuters & the usual gang of propaganda recyclers


De gustibus non disputandum

You can’t argue over questions of taste.

Reuters, the Associated Press, CNN, PBS, and their ilk just love to portray Cubans as happy-go-lucky noble savages who are very pleased with their so-called Revolution and its leaders.

Quite often, these news agencies simply regurgitate the propaganda spewed by the Castro regime.

They also repeatedly feature Cubans whose taste is definitely questionable: Cubans who profess love for their tyrant.

These Cubans could be dissembling, that is, posing and pretending, in hopes of a great reward from on high.

Sadly, it is also highly likely that their affection for their supreme master might be genuine.

Some humans do have masochistic and sadistic tendencies, and do idolize brutal dictators.

This week Reuters reached new depths in servile propaganda-mongering by reporting on an effeminate Cuban boy who idolizes Fidel Castro and was granted the great honor of visiting the Maximum Zombie (or, as Reuters prefers to say, “the aging revolutionary.”)

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the Machiavellian playbook: tyrants should aim to be loved and feared simultaneously.

A crucial component of the “love me” side of the campaign is to surround the tyrant with adoring children.


And such images are not necessarily promoted by the tyrant’s propaganda machine.

Parents who worship evil idols always have the opportunity to force their idolatry on their children, setting a vicious cycle in motion.

Anyway…. there’s not much more one can say about this monstrous story, save to point out that if this mariquita’s  family really does idolize Fidel, they are proof positive of the syndrome so brilliantly analyzed by Asombra in his post this morning.

The sleep of reason does produce monsters indeed.


From Reuters, of course.

Young fan who dresses like Fidel Castro meets his idol
All that’s missing is the beard

An 8-year-old Cuban boy who likes to dress up as Fidel Castro got to meet his idol after Cuba’s 88-year-old retired leader invited him and his family to his Havana home for a chat.

“I felt a lot of emotion upon seeing Fidel,” Marlon Mendez told Reuters on Monday from his home near Havana. “The whole family hugged him. It was my dream to meet Fidel, and I did it. … My mother was shaking.”

Marlon and his family went to visit Castro on Aug. 16, upon the invitation of the retired leader who is revered by some and detested by others for leading the Cuban revolution of 1959 and remaining in power for 49 years.


The boy likes to dress in green fatigues, army boots and cap as Castro once did. Marlon wore the costume to his meeting with Castro, but without Castro’s trademark beard and cigar. Castro was frequently seen puffing on a Havana until he quit smoking in 1985.

Marlon was first featured on Cuban television on Aug. 12, a day before Castro turned 88. His bedroom wall is decorated with dozens of pictures of Fidel, in contrast to the bed made with Snoopy sheets.

After Marlon appeared in the media in his Fidel costume, first on Cuban television and later in Reuters photographs, his family received the invitation.

Marlon showed off pictures of his meeting with Castro and a hand-written note in which the aging revolutionary referred to “my great friend Marlon Mendez.”

The boy’s grandmother, Maria Elvira Hernandez, said they talked about agriculture and Venezuela, Cuba’s close socialist ally.

“Eight-eight years are 88 years. But a lot of 88-year-olds would like to be like him,” Hernandez said. “We want Fidel around for a lot longer.”


While many Cubans love or respect Castro for standing up to the United States and leading the one-party state for so long, others dismiss him as a dictator.

Due to failing health, Castro handed power to his younger brother Raul Castro, at first provisionally in 2006 and then permanently in 2008. In retirement, Fidel Castro has traded his habitual military uniform for a track suit. He has mostly withdrawn from public view, occasionally writing columns or receiving foreign leaders.

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4 thoughts on “Young Fidel idolater gets lots of attention from Reuters & the usual gang of propaganda recyclers

  1. This is the new Elián, complete with “militant” grandmother; the prior one is no longer cute/young/cuddly enough, and he’s a little too robotic for comfort. And yes, you bet there’s gain in it for the family, who should have nipped this thing in the bud at the first sign of disease, assuming they’re not the ones who put the kid up to it in the first place. As if there wasn’t enough to be ashamed of already. Lord have mercy.

  2. Asombra, you hit the nail on the head! Elian is no longer useful [poor kid, he’s a psychological mess–its obvious even at a distance], so this kid is a good stand-in. By the way, as I’ve said before, I don’t understand the fascination that the MSM has with Cuba? Much more important countries don’t get even an iota of the media coverage that Cuba receives. How often do we hear about mundane things going on in Brazil, Canada, Mexico, India or Australia? Never! I just don’t get it. I mean, do the people at the MSM really think that Americans care about a kid that admires fidel anymore than they would care about a kid that idolizes the president of Honduras?

  3. Rayarena, what the likes of MSN do is serve the Castro propaganda apparatus out of sympathy and for monetary gain. Castro has been paying these conceited morons and subservient propagandistic frauds for decades (all of them leftists).

    They don’t report about a kid that idolizes the president of Honduras because Honduras, unlike Cuba, doesn’t pay anyone to report such irrelevant stupidities. Honduras’s president is also not a communist mass-murderer that needs his image trivialized in the eyes of the world as a kid loved guess on Sesame Street.

    All these “news” channels with branches in Havana either follow the program dictated by the tyrant or they go home, it’s part of the accord. That’s why Fox News doesn’t have a branch in Havana but CNN and MSNBC certainly do. Hell, CNN’s Ted Turner shamelessly calls Castro his personal friend. I wonder how many millions Castro has dumped on the unscrupulous media mogul – meanwhile Cuba continues crumbling.

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