A smitten Diana Nyad honored with Castro-regime medal by Castro-family eunuch


Remember how her swims “had nothing to do with politics?”—just like the Juanes concert “had nothing to do with politics”?

Juanes went on to sign the letter to “Free The Cuban Five.


And now Diana Nyad swoons over an award personally pinned on her by the Castro family’s eunuch (laughably nicknamed “Cuba’s Vice President) Miguel Diaz-Canel:

Anyone surprised that Diana Nyad is attracted to these type of men? :


HAVANA – One year after becoming the first person confirmed to have swum from Havana to Key West, Florida without a shark cage, U.S. endurance swimmer Diana Nyad was back in Cuba to receive that country’s Order of Sporting Merit award.

After a ceremony led by First Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Saturday, Nyad said she dreams of uniting Cubans and Americans to walk with her the length of the island of Cuba “as good neighbors and friends.”

Diaz-Canel called Nyad’s feat “a symbol of the friendship between our peoples,” referring to the United States and Cuba.

Between those who claimed from day one that Juanes and Nyad were propaganda tools of the Castro regime as opposed to those who claimed these celebrities were heart-warmingly well-meaning and apolitical–any guesses which the media will continue to treat as “experts?”



3 thoughts on “A smitten Diana Nyad honored with Castro-regime medal by Castro-family eunuch

  1. What? She settled for that slug Díaz-Canel? Where’s Mariela? Where are the drag queens? Why wasn’t Ellen invited? And why does Nyad look like a retarded Nick Nolte?

    Seriously, we shouldn’t pay any attention to her. She’s really as pathetic as she is contemptible, but I suppose it’s like roadkill–you have to look. The media, of course, loves this shit, not least because we hate it, and the MSM can’t resist rattling our cage. Yes, it’s offensive and insulting, but a people which goes as badly wrong as Cubans have deserves to be insulted, or should at least expect it.

    But hey, I’ve got a new stunt for Nyad. Since she’s all about endurance, how about enduring the same abuses gay “undesirables” were put through in UMAP concentration camps by the same people who gave her this medal? Trouble is, the media wouldn’t play that up, so why bother, huh?

  2. And isn’t Diana dressed for the occasion? At least that cow in the background put on a “cocktail” outfit. Sheesh.

  3. And look, they even got the guards to dress up for this. Too bad their caps don’t match their uniforms. Clowns.

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