The deification of Hugo Chavez


At a recent meeting of Venenozuela’s Socialist Party congress, the process of turning Chavez into a god reached a high level of ridiculousness when someone offered up a prayer to the dead tyrant.

To make matters worse, the prayer was a reworded version of the “Our Father” (also known as the “Lord’s Prayer”).

The “delegate’s prayer” begins by invoking “Our Hugo who art in heaven,” and –after a long string of  inane blasphemies — closes by asking him to “deliver us from the temptation of capitalism”  and to reign “forever and ever.”

Go HERE for a video of this liturgical nightmare.   (In Spanish)

One can laugh at this deification process, which began as soon as news of his death were made public, but when it comes to 21st century socialism nothing is really funny.  In fact, its ridiculousness is as depressing as hell.

It’s not the blasphemy that’s depressing — though that’s ugly enough by itself —  it’s the sheer infantile idiocy that sends one’s spirit tumbling  into a black hole of despair.

Of course, “the delegate’s prayer” is just the tip of the iceberg.  Take a look at this image from the Venezuelan television series “The adventures of Hugo Chavez in heaven.”  (Go HERE for that masterpiece, also in Spanish).


Idolatrous mindless idiots bowing down to Big Brother.  This is exactly the kind of human being that 21st century socialism seeks to create.

It IS a religion, after all, and nothing proves it more convincingly than these supposedly tongue-in-cheek tributes to a dead tyrant.

When Caesar or Big Brother become divine, nothing good can happen.   Ask any Cuban exile.

Ask anyone who was ever asked to affix the plaque below to their doorpost  by their neighborhood Committee for the Defense of the Revolution.

Lord help us all.



It seems that this can of worms is much, much bigger and definitely stinkier than I first thought.

For an eyeful and earful of blasphemies, go HERE.  (In English).

A preview of what you will find there:



In the name of Chavez, Maduro, and the sovereign “pueblo”, we shall live and win

And the prize for Best Intermingling of  Bad Art, Blasphemy, and Foul Language goes to……




5 thoughts on “The deification of Hugo Chavez

  1. Communism may have parallels with organized crime but it is not a mafia. The purpose of a mafia is to make money, not worship anyone. If it was a mafia, the Castro brothers would have long been eliminated long ago. Communism has never been anything other than a fraudulent and intolerable utopian cult at government level, the biggest that has ever existed. Sadly, we are still in an era where enough people believe it to be a frank justice-seeking “ideology”; thus, it keeps expanding.

    Simply put, there is no collective aversion towards communism, its slogans are a commercial joke and its figures are constantly trivialized as pop culture, if not sainthood, in order to gain consensual acceptance throughout the mainstream. Much of such mainstream is also too conceited to recognize any ignorance, naivety, or feeling of vulnerability.

    Are we to say that Castro is not a slavish and egotistical cult leader? Are we to say that communist propaganda doesn’t prey on stupidity, ignorance, hate, weak character, lack of entity, and personal resentment? That it doesn’t demonize its deserters and critics just like a cult?

    Neither can we say that the priority of Castro’s economically inept tyranny, despite Castro being a billionaire, is to make money. Cuba’s GDP under Castro’s capriciously slavish rule is not even a tenth of Cuba’s true potential and value. One doesn’t even have to be reminded of the economic collapse of the USSR or compare the two Koreas and the two Germanys to have a barometer for such reality; not even China, still run by a centralized government, has any interest in going back to Mao’s egotistical and counterproductive economic model – the one still imposed by Castro.

    That said, Karl Max’s biggest mistake was that, unlike Muhammad, his fraudulent ideology, his cult, was forged as atheist. As much as communists may want to deny a higher intelligence to create their communist saints, no one is going to truly pray, much less die, for the destructive and bloody bullshit “gods” of Che, Mao, Lenin, or Chavez. They know that once they fall upon those who know them, all of their propagandistic trash falls with them.

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