Reuters laments cosmetic reforms in Cuba erode societal gains of the apartheid Castro revolution

Sometimes, the media tries to hide their bias and at least make a feeble attempt to mask their adoration for Cuba’s vile and repressive Castro dictatorship. And other times, like the example below from Reuters, they put their love for the island’s apartheid regime right out there. As has always been the case, this is not about the Cuban people, this is about the love of their life, Fidel Castro, and his legacy.

Via Reuters:

Market-style reforms widen racial divide in Cuba

(Reuters) – Cuba’s experiment with free-market reforms has unintentionally widened the communist-led island’s racial divide and allowed white Cubans to regain some of the economic advantages built up over centuries.

Under President Raul Castro, who took over from his brother Fidel Castro in 2008, Cuba has expanded its non-state workforce, loosened travel restrictions and promoted private cooperatives and small businesses.

As the communist government relinquishes its once near-total control of the economy, inequality has widened, undoing some of the progress seen since the 1959 revolution.

Much of the funding for new businesses such as restaurants, transportation services and bed-and-breakfast inns – targeted at tourists, diplomats and dollar-earners – comes from family members who emigrated to the United States over the last 50 years, especially Miami.

They sent almost $3 billion to relatives back in Cuba last year and, as they are mainly white, their investments put black and mixed-race Cubans at a disadvantage as they try to set up their own businesses.

Walter Echevarria, a 60-year-old black man, co-owns a humble cafeteria run out of a ground-floor Havana apartment belonging to one of his partners.

There is no seating, and the clients are mostly state workers who order pork sandwiches and juice or a coffee for about 15 Cuban pesos, or around $0.60.

“It’s usually the whites who have family abroad and send them money, and they can set up bigger businesses,” Echevarria said while customers lined up at the take-out window during the busy lunch hour.

With the additional economic freedom under Raul Castro’s reforms, there is also greater discrimination.

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  1. Because, you know, Reuters cares SO much about Cubans, so it really “feels their pain.” Just like Clinton did.

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