Gosh? Wonder why Castro so OFTEN and so EAGERLY welcomed Brian Williams???


In case you haven’t seen it NBC’s Brian Williams just got busted for repeatedly lying through his teeth about (and during) his news “coverage.”

For some reason the Castro regime has historically extended a red-carpet welcome (in general) to Williams’ employers NBC and (in particular) to Williams himself ….can’t imagine why?



2 thoughts on “Gosh? Wonder why Castro so OFTEN and so EAGERLY welcomed Brian Williams???

  1. For starters, Williams has “synthetic” written all over him. He may appear charming, but so do a lot of con artists, not to mention psychopaths. He was never an especially impressive reporter, but he certainly had what it takes to play the anchor role on TV, which is at least as much acting, cosmetics and “personality” as anything else. His pronounced penchant for playing the talk show circuit, a kind of side career for him, is distinctly dubious, suggesting he’s more about celebrity, image and self-promotion than journalism. I expect he’s lied about other things besides the Iraq incident, such as Katrina incidents (his Katrina “narrative” sounds like classic confabulation to me). The guy sounds like a possibly compulsive fabricator out to embellish his already over-groomed image (reminiscent of one John Kerry and a certain Hillary Clinton). He strikes me as what Cubans call a “postalita” or “figurín,” someone highly appearance-conscious who’s superficially attractive but essentially shallow and insubstantial.

    Alas, this is all just par for the course, and it’s not even a recent development: Walter Cronkite, long revered as a paragon, was quite a piece of work himself. Needless to say, Cubans know all too well that “journalism” can amount to a perverse farce–remember Herbert Matthews?

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