Mr. and Ms. Rubio exposed as low-class, dangerous, irresponsible Latino hotheads: New York Times brings “dog whistle” politics to new depths

Uppity irresponsible drivers
Uppity irresponsible drivers

Remember all those news stories in 2012 about Mitt Romney tying his dog to the roof of a car?  Or stories about his bullying behavior in high school?

Here we go again.

The New York Times has sent three of its bloodhounds to sniff out traffic violations committed by Marco Rubio and his wife.

The three bloodhounds are Alan Rappeport, Steve Eder, and Kitty Bennet.

No need to ask why so many personnel dedicated so much time to digging for traffic tickets. This newspaper’s addiction to post-modern and post-colonial yellow journalism is incurable, especially when it comes to Cuban-Americans or any other heretics who dare to challenge liberal orthodoxy of the Sacred Scriptures of the self-anointed thinking class.

Since Marco Rubio is both a heretic and a Cuban-American, this newspaper had to send its crack muck-raking hacks to dig in Florida court archives for anything that might pass for muck.

The article drips with contempt and is filled with “dog whistle” phrases and bigoted  “micro-agressions” so egregious that if they were contained in any article about a liberal politician the New York Times itself would have to assign at least a dozen writers to cover each of these many transgressions.

And if the New York Times were a college newspaper, its entire staff would probably be suspended or expelled for such behavior and a special “safe space” would have to be created for all those traumatized by it.

dog whistle

 Judge for yourself.  Here is how the article begins:

Rubios on the Road Have Drawn Unwanted Attention
Senator Marco Rubio has been in a hurry to get to the top, rising from state legislator to United States senator in the span of a decade and now running for president at age 44.

But politics is not the only area where Mr. Rubio, a Republican from Florida, has an affinity for the fast track.

He and his wife, Jeanette, have also shown a tendency to be in a rush on the road. According to a search of the Miami-Dade and Duval County court dockets, the Rubios have been cited for numerous infractions over the years for incidents that included speeding, driving through red lights and careless driving.

A review of records dating back to 1997 shows that the couple had a combined 17 citations: Mr. Rubio with four and his wife with 13. On four separate occasions they agreed to attend remedial driving school after a violation…

One of ten Rubio traffic violation documents unearthed and published by the NYT
One of ten Rubio traffic violation documents unearthed and published by the NYT

Yeah, oh my God: a presidential candidate and potential first lady are such reckless drivers that they’ve had to attend “remedial driving school.”

Oh, those hot-blooded Lateen-ohs.  So irresponsible, so impulsive, so untrustworthy.

Oh, but there is no mention of their ethnicity.  Not necessary.  Isn’t the ethnic Lateeen-oh thing the main point of this story?

Talk about dog-whistle phrasing, this one should earn some award. Then it gets worse when they go after Mrs. Rubio…..or, as they prefer to refer to her, according to their politically correct standards: Ms. Rubio.

Ms. Rubio’s driving record is even messier.

According to the records, her driver’s license faced suspension on three occasions, including after a 2009 episode where she was driving a white Cadillac at 58 miles per hour on a road in West Miami with a speed limit of 35 m.p.h.

She paid a $302 fine and agreed to attend a four-hour course at a local traffic school.

However, Ms. Rubio, who also took a four-hour basic driver improvement course after a careless driving incident in 2000, failed to complete the class and had to pay another $34 penalty.

The lessons apparently did not stick. A year later, in 2010, she was stopped for driving 23 m.p.h. in a school zone where the speed limit was 15 m.p.h. She was fined $185.

Ms. Rubio's white Cadillac
Could this be Ms. Rubio’s white Cadillac?

Oh, Mildred, look at how irresponsible this dumb Lateeen-ah is!  She can’t learn lessons, and, oh my God, can you believe that she’s tacky enough to drive a Cadillac?

How distasteful, how typical of an uppity  and dim-witted low-class immigrant parvenu.

Whew! That dog whistle is blowing loudly enough to burst the ear drums of any New York Times reader on the North American continent.

Real upper class people– and real presidential hopefuls — never drive American luxury cars.   Such a desperate display of social climbing and poor taste on the part of the Rubios is proof positive of their unsuitability for the White House!  

But, wait, that’s not all.  Micro-aggressions are added to all the dog-whistle stuff.

In addition to being a menace on the road,  Mr. and Ms. Rubio are a menace to the law of the land itself, as well as to common decency. They’re uppity Lateen-oh politician cheaters.

Rubio lawyer's advertisement
Image of Rubio lawyer’s advertisement published by NYT
Image of lawyer evoked by NYT "dog whistle" reporting
Image of lawyer evoked by NYT “dog whistle” reporting


It is not clear how the numerous infractions have affected the Rubios’ car insurance policy or premiums.

On at least one occasion, Ms. Rubio was cited for lacking documentation that her car was insured. The Rubios have spent more than $1,000 paying traffic penalties over the years, but after Mr. Rubio was elected to the Senate in 2010 they took a different approach to handling their tickets.

Mr. Rubio hired Mr. Hanna, a Miami-based lawyer and donor, whose website sales pitch says, “Have you received a traffic ticket? Don’t pay it.”

With Mr. Hanna’s help, Mr. Rubio’s last two citations were dismissed and seven of Ms. Rubio’s last eight were cleared.

And not all accidents become police matters. Earlier this year, Ms. Rubio, a former cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins, sideswiped a Porsche Panamera while driving her husband’s Ford F-150 truck to a donor event at the Delano Hotel in Miami Beach.

According to the Miami Herald, the police declined to take a report on the incident because it was a “minor” fender bender.

Oh my God!  A cheerleader in the White House?
Oh my God! Could this be our next  First Lady?

Yikes! They dare to hire lawyers!  (And not just any kind of lawyer, only the kind that seem to be disreputable).

And double yikes!  It seems they’re able to get corrupt policemen to dismiss their accidents as “minor.”

And triple-yikes!  The Rubios second vehicle is a redneck Ford F-150 truck!  Holy smokes!  Lateen-oh hillbillies!

Rubio F-150
Could this be Rubio’s utility F-150 ?
Could this be Rubio's stretch F-150?
Could this be Rubio’s stretch F-150?


And mega-yikes!  Ms. Rubio was once a cheerleader for an NFL team! That’s it!

This story will kill Marco Rubio’s campaign for sure.  Write off these rubes (no pun intended): they are way too trashy for the White House.

Ah.  But let’s not forget.  The writers at The New York Times know how to wield words better than anyone else, and how to sneer and display their bigotry with impunity.

The final line is a dog whistle joke dripping with utter contempt for these redneck Lateen-ohs.

If Mr. Rubio is fortunate to make it as far as the White House, there will be many perks that come with the job. Chief among them, however, might be having a driver.

For the whole enchilada (or pastelito) — which includes a link to images of ALL of the Rubio traffic tickets, go HERE.

Could this be the front door at the New York Times?