Carnival Cruise Lines announces cruises to apartheid Cuba with tours of island slave plantation

Carnival Cruise Lines marketing says is all about fun, and what can be funner than tourist travel to an island slave plantation and partnering up with its slave master apartheid dictatorship? But wait, there’s more! Carnival is also throwing in the degradation of the Cuban people forced to live in misery and squalor and some exotic trafficking in stolen property. How’s that for a fun cruise vacation?

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Carnival’s “Social Impact”: Support Dictators, Degrade Cubans and Traffic in Stolen Property

Carnival Cruise Lines announced today that it has received a specific license from the Treasury Department for its “social impact” trips to Cuba.

The license would allow Carnival to take “people-to-people” travelers on humanitarian trips to the island.

Carnival would like to launch these trips by May 2016, but it still has a long way to go.

First, it needs approval from the Castro regime.

And as the head of Castro’s Interests Section in Washington, D.C., Jose Cabanas, recently reminded a group of eager cruise and ferry types: “This will take time. These companies have to go to our authorities, they have to introduce their ideas. Some of them we already know. But they are not all equal.

(Pro bono advice: Brush up on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.)

Furthermore, the U.S. House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved language — by a vote of 247-176 — in the FY’16 Transportation Appropriations bill that would prohibit the use of confiscated property by any new flights or vessels authorized for travel to Cuba.

But — à la Donald Trump — this is a publicity ploy by Carnival, whose ships have been stung by a string of bad accidents, illnesses and other incidents in recent years.

Also like Trump, it’s a particularly distasteful ploy, considering that Carnival is based in the heart of the Cuban-American community, which has always embraced it.

To wit:

During today’s announcement, Carnival’s CEO Arnold Donald said the cruise line “would have to work it out with the Cuban government as to what sorts of humanitarian programs are needed there.”

Work out humanitarian programs with the worst violator of human rights in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the worst violators in the entire world?


Here’s a summary of the humanitarian activities of the Cuban government (from the State Department’s most recent report on Cuba’s human rights practices):

[T]he abridgement of the ability of citizens to change the government and the use of government threats, extrajudicial physical assault, intimidation, violent government-organized counter-protests against peaceful dissent, and harassment and detentions to prevent free expression and peaceful assembly.

They’ll surely provide Carnival with some great “humanitarian” suggestions.

As if working with Cuba’s vile dictatorship weren’t enough, Carnival (in conjunction with the Obama Administration) further degrades the Cuban people by acquiescing to apartheid.

According to the Castro regime’s draconian edicts, Cubans are not authorized to board any vessel. This includes fishing boats, yachts, catamaran, jet-skis, etc. The only exception are Cubans married to citizens of another country, which can request a special permit.

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  1. Cuba’s a joke whose purpose is to serve the interests of its ruling class and foreigners. Get used to it and move along.

  2. Also, check out the price tag on this cruise and I am betting it will be double what anyone pays on any other. Raul has to get his big takeoff don’t you know.

  3. Honey, even if it was a “good deal” money-wise, it would still be immoral. Alas, it doesn’t matter.

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