Raul Castro shakes hands and seals surrender with Obama, Sept. 2015 (and with CIA operative June, 1958.) “Same as it ever was….”

On left: Stalinist dictator Raul Castro shakes hands with U.S. President Barack Obama sealing a U.S. surrender that began when the Stalinist dictator kidnapped an American named Alan Gross and held him hostage.

On right: KGB-mentored communist terrorist Raul Castro shakes hands with U.S. CIA operative Robert Weicha in Oriente, Cuba. This handshake sealed a U.S. surrender that began when the communist terrorist kidnapped 47 American hostages from the Moa Nickel plant and Guantanamo base in Oriente. The KGB-mentored plan was to use the American hostages as human shields and blackmail the U.S. government into further pulling the rug out from Batista. The plan worked splendidly.

Indeed–BOTH plans worked splendidly.


“Those Americans are much like women. They have a masochistic streak. The more you slap them around, the more you get out of them.”( Brazilian President Janio Quadros–on left– circa 1961.)

All items above fully explained and thoroughly documented here.