Los Pichy Boys: Cuba’s Raul Castro meets President Obama


Leave it to the Pichy Boys to come up with this stuff…

La Noticia del Dia "La Reunion de Raul y Obama" Los Pichy Boy

En el dia de hoy se reunieron en New York el presidente Obama y Raul Castro, Los Pichy Boys pusieron una camara escondida y esto fue lo que capto!!! Dale Share like y comenta !! No Olvides seguirnos en Instagram @LosPichyBoys

Posted by Los Pichy Boys on Tuesday, September 29, 2015



One thought on “Los Pichy Boys: Cuba’s Raul Castro meets President Obama

  1. Though the rumors that Raul is homosexual are very old and have persisted to this day, they are not necessarily true, and it doesn’t make any real difference one way or the other (except that being homosexual would make him an even bigger hypocrite). They may have started based on his distinctly wispy or “fruity” appearance as a young man (he looks much more masculine now), but that may have been misinterpreted. Again, the matter is not settled but has little significance, since the key issue is his nature as a person, which remains the same regardless of his sexual orientation.

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