Raul Castro thanks Obama for creating financial windfall from U.S. taxpayers to his Stalinist regime

“Oye, Bruno, mira que este Niche come-mierda me ha venido BIEN!”

In brief, amigos: the recent cash-flow from Obama’s U.S. to Castro’s Cuba exceeds Cuba’s subsidies from Venezuela ( as seen below)–and even exceeds what Castro used to get from the Russians!…

But PLEASE remember! According to the media the U.S. “embargos”–NAY–“Blockades(!!!)” poor innocent little Cuba….The charts below document this scandalous and media-hidden cash-flow (much of it from the U.S. taxpayer.)


(More detailed graph here.)

Amigos! Please stick with with for a second here…please! It’s something very important to your pocketbooks that isn’t being revealed by the mainstream media: Remesas totales refers to cash remittances overwhelmingly from the U.S. to Cuba by recent (and welfare-lavished) Cuban immigrants to the U.S.– money that’s wired from the U.S. to Cuba or carried back to Cuba on the “family-travel” loophole turned into a huge racket by Obama almost upon entering office. And note that those figures are from 2012-13–nowadays they’re much more scandalous ( at your expense.)

“We’re talking MUCHO DINERO! –and from YOU–my dear U.S. taxpayer!!!”

Many of these recent Cuban immigrants hop of the planes or boats and scamper straight to the State and Federal welfare offices to start filling out forms for their benefits–obviously at your expense. Some of us have heard, that the Stalinist regime even gives special classes to teach “refugees” how to fill out the forms, where the U.S. welfare offices are located in Miami, etc.

These “refugees” benefits can total $1200 a month, much of which is promptly sent to Castro via Western Union, etc…LE RRRRONCA!!!

In brief: This  financial windfall and lifeline for Castro resulted from Obama’s executive orders. So  tomorrow Obama could use his pen again and in five minutes begin BANKRUPTING the Castro regime. No one in recent history has held such a hammer over Castro…so how is Obama using this immense leverage?

No amigos, the only “refugee” racket nowadays isn’t in eastern Europe. It’s been on our own doorstep for years–but the Castro-friendly media hides it….





2 thoughts on “Raul Castro thanks Obama for creating financial windfall from U.S. taxpayers to his Stalinist regime

  1. This is OUTRAGEOUS, both in terms of the amount of money and in the silence of the news media. Le zumba al mango…… As usual, THANKS for bringing this to light.

    You make me think I should change my name to Rod Serling, for I definitely feel as if I’m living in a Twilight Zone Episode..

  2. This is basically the same situation as with Mexican and Central American immigrants, except those nationalities don’t have the equivalent of the Cuban Adjustment Act. As long as the system in the US allows abuse, abuse WILL happen to the fullest extent possible. The MSM, of course, seriously downplays or ignores the problem, just as it does with all sorts of “irregularities” committed by people considered favorable or useful to the left. It’s a rotten stew.

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