Surprise! Pope Francis held a private meeting with a dissident !

Pope Francis smiles during an audience for Christmas greetings to the Curia in the Clementina hall at the Vatican December 21, 2013. REUTERS/Claudio Peri/Pool (VATICAN - Tags: RELIGION HEADSHOT)
You thought I was on your side, heh?

What a headline: “Pope Hands Dissidents a Win!”

Hah. Gotcha!  April fool…. in late September.

Yes, Papa Che did meet with a dissident, but NOT in Cuba.

New icon in the Castronoid Hall of Fame

The dissident he met in private was Kim Davis, the Kentucky court clerk who refuses to handle gay marriage licenses.

As we know, while visiting Cuba, Pope Che’s handlers said he had no time for private meetings with anyone, except for Fidel Castro.

And in Cuba he refused to mention the human rights abuses endured by the Cuban people, or the conscientious objections of dissidents.

Hey, what about my conscientious objections?
Hey, what about my conscientious objections?

Here in the U.S.A. Francis took a different approach to his ministry, addressing all sorts of political issues, denouncing various right-wing sins committed by the country he was visiting.

The press fell in love with Pope Che as a result.  Piers Morgan summed up their affection in a single headline: “The Pope’s right: America doesn’t have to be a country driven by gun-toting, blood-thirsty, planet-destroying bigots.”

Ahhh… but now it turns out that Pope Che was some sort of villain.  He met with someone who opposes gay marriage!  Well…. &^%$#@! the Pope.  How dare he mix righteousness and evil!

How dare he defend something as politically incorrect as conscientious objection to gay marriage!

Huffington Post sums it up: “The Pope Just Handed Kim Davis a Win!

Oh, the woe.  Oh the sorrow.  Oh the sting of betrayal.  Maybe Pope Che is no saint after all.  Such a shame, he seemed like such a nice guy, so much like Bernie Sanders.

Maybe it’s time for the love fest to turn into a hate fest.  Quick, hurry….bring out those old 15th century Hussite postcards!