Update: That meeting between Pope Francis and the WRONG kind of American dissident was NOT his fault

Whew! I'm so glad that embarrassing meeting with that Hillbilly woman can be explained away
Whew! I’m so glad that embarrassing meeting with that Hillbilly woman can be explained away!  So glad to know that I’m not the only one adept at Jesuit casuistry.

Yeow!  It didn’t take long for the Pope Che idolaters to “explain” why he met with an awful, evil kind of American dissident– a dissident as evil as the ones in Cuba that he refused to meet.

As it turns out, the meeting was an evil trick cooked up by the troglodyte homophobic U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops, who placed poor Pope Che in the same room with this fiendish Hillbilly woman Kim Davis.  So, Pope Che — being such a loving person — had no choice but to engage with Ms. Davis.

Yeah.   That’s the ticket…. Pope Che was FORCED to meet with the wrong kind of dissident by the atrociously retrograde American bishops appointed by Saint John-Paul II.

Ahhhhh.  There goes the gnashing of teeth, the wringing of hands.  Problem solved.  Pope Che would NEVER do anything politically incorrect.  No, all the wrong in the world comes from the right side of the political spectrum, never from the left.


As we all know, bigotry can only exist on the right side of the political spectrum.

You doubt this? Check out this book from Yale University Press, which proves that leftists can never be bigots: The Bigot, by Eric Bronner.

As the description provided by the publisher confirms, this book proves that “bigotry is a systematic, all-encompassing mindset that has a special affinity for right-wing movements.”

Pope Che could never, ever, be “right-wing,” or on the same side as some homophobic Hillbilly from Kentucky.

As Brandan Robertson, an LGBTQ  (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer) advocate hand-picked by the White House to meet with Pope Francis attests, this whole Kim Davis circus was a right-wing plot:

From Patheos:

Now, I am no Vatican insider, but from everything I can tell from watching Pope Francis, this doesn’t seem like a situation that he would willingly walk into on his own accord. A colleague of mine who is a leading Catholic commentator and scholar said that he could “see the USCCB’s  [U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops] fingerprints all over this.” In other words, the conservative leaders in the Council of Bishops likely conspired with other conservative organizations to get Davis a quick, unplanned meeting with the Pope in order to create the illusion that Francis was sympathetic to her plight and supported her refusal to grant civil rights to LGBTQ couples in her county.

Read the whole story HERE.  Scandalous effrontery!

Hey, what about my right to be a Cuban Hillbilly?
Hey, what about my right to be a Cuban Hillbilly?