Hope and Change in Obama’s Cuba: 5 Cuban water polo players defect in Mexico

Obama’s Hope and Change policy of embracing and supporting Cuba’s viciously repressive apartheid regime continues to bear fruit.

Via 14yMedio in Translating Cuba:

Five Cuban Water Polo Players Escape In Mexico


Five players from Cuba’s women’s water polo team escaped from a training in the Mexican city of Monterrey and traveled to the United States, local sports officials told the DPA agency. The news, which had been circulating for days on social networks, was confirmed on Tuesday.

The escape forced the cancellation of the training and the rest of the water polo squad returned to the island on Sunday.” The Cuban government did not make any official statement, they simply told the rest of us (who didn’t desert) that they were changing the tickets to return to Cuba,” a team source told DPA.

The Cuban team was composed of 13 athletes and had arrived in Mexico City in early February to train with representatives of Nuevo Leon. The athletes were hosted in the Olympic Village of the State Institute of Sport and trained at the Olympic Aquatic Center University.

“Still today, we do not know if five players deserted, or one trainer and four players*,” reported the Nuevo Leon Sports Institute media coordinator, Juan Ramón Piña.

“It was unexpected, five left the Olympic Village and no one knew anything until the team staff confirmed that they went to the United States,” added the manager, who said that the departures occurred between Tuesday and Thursday of last week.

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