Normalization Circus creates new dazzling illusion: tractor factory as humanitarian enterprise

Magical mystery tractor

Awwww.  How sweet!

As it turns out, the entrepreneur behind that tractor factory that is going to be built in the Castro Kingdom — the first such venture by any American business since 1959 –turns out to be a 72-year old Jewban (Cuban Jew) who fled Castrogonia in 1960.

And he says he’s not doing it for profit, but rather out of a philanthropic urge to help Cuban farmers and “bring Cuban and American people closer.”

Awww.   How sweet!  Yeah.  Never mind the fact that he admits that his ultimate aim is to “create value and then sell the company.”

Check it out.  This great and selfless patriot — who’s been traveling to Cuba frequently since 2007 — was interviewed by Susan Adams for the thoroughly capitalist magazine Forbes

The entire interview is worth reading, if nothing else, just to see how ridiculously impossible this entire enterprise really is, how unrealistic its goals are, and how it is being totally over-hyped by the usual suspects.

Oh… and it’s also worth reading in its entirety if you are interested in keeping track of news stories about Castrogonia that steer clear of dealing with ethical issues, such as the use of slave labor.

Saul Berenthal (left) and Horace Clemmons, partners in crime

Susan Adams: Tell me about your personal connection to Cuba.

Saul Berenthal: I was born and raised in Cuba. I came to the U.S. in 1960 right after the revolution. First I came and then my parents. My family in Cuba is in the cemetery. But I have lots of friends there and I’ve been traveling back and forth since 2007.

Adams: How did you get the idea to build tractors?

Berenthal: I understood the needs of the Cuban economy. Cuba has to import more than 70% of what people eat. They’re still using oxen to farm the land. Our motivation really is to help the Cuban farmer be more productive….

….Adams: It sounds like you were motivated less by profit than by a desire to help the Cuban economy and Cuban-American relations.

Berenthal: Yes, our motivation is really to help Cuban farmers be more productive. Through commerce and trade, we can bring Cuban and American people closer together.

Adams: What about making money?

Berenthal: Our business model says we are investing in Cuba and reinvesting any profits we make. We’ll do what we did with our other businesses. We’ll create value and then sell the company.

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3 thoughts on “Normalization Circus creates new dazzling illusion: tractor factory as humanitarian enterprise

  1. Not to mention that’s the most pitiful tractor I’ve ever seen. What’s the max pull weight of that dog, a couple of tons?

  2. Anyone who had to leave Cuba because of Castro, Inc. and now decides to play ball with Castro, Inc. on its terms and thus SUPPORT tyranny is, at best, devoid of dignity and undeserving of respect. Alas, there’s a good bit of that going around. Shit happens.

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