Fidel continues to punish Cubans from the Great Beyond


As tourists continue to pour into Castrogonia, the Cuban people continue to be subjected to the vile acts of repression instituted by the now-dead Fidel Castro.

Castrogonia is a unique place, for sure.  And a scary place, too.

Among those many dissidents arrested recently, some have earned the distinction of being jailed by Fidel’s ghost, so to speak.

Unreal, but true.  And, for all we know, the number of such jailed dissidents may be much higher, since information about arrested dissidents is so difficult to obtain.



Loosely translated from Marti Noticias:

Fidel Castro may be dead, but he is still sending Cubans to prison. In fact, one of his first acts from the Great Beyond was to condemn several Cubans to prison for not mourning his death properly.

One of these Cubans is Darío Pérez Rodriguez, from the city of Holguín, age 19, who has been condemned to a year in prison for “defaming the martyrs of the homeland” (“difamar los mártires de la Patria”), a crime listed as Article 204 in the Penal Code of Castrogonia.

Darío Pérez, who worked for the government-run bus company Transporte de Ómnibus Nacional (ASTRO), refused to watch the televised funeral of Fidel Castro at his workplace or to obey an order to pay homage to the despot’s ashes in an outdoor ceremony, as required for all employees.

After he was arrested for this crime, he was also immediately fired from his job.

His family was unable to find an attorney who would take the Dario’s case, but after several weeks of searching, finally found one.

Having a lawyer made no difference, however, given the nature of Cuban courts. The lawyer had no time to prepare a defense.

Another Cuban from Camajuaní, Villa Clara , Carlos Alberto González Rodríguez, a 48-year-old engineer, has been slapped with a two-year prison sentence for making some “ ¡Abajo Fidel!” (Down With Fidel!) posters the day after Fidel’s death. He was tried and sentenced a mere two weeks after Fidel’s death.

Originally charged with the crime of “defaming the martyrs of the homeland,” Carlos Alberto was tried and found guilty of another of Cuba’s unique crimes, “Pre-Delinquent Social Dangerousness” (Peligrosidad Social Pre-Delictiva).

Four other Cubans are also awaiting trial and sentencing for their “disrespect” of the fallen ex-Maximum Leader: Maydolis Leyva Portelles, her sons Adairis and Anairis Miranda Leyva, and another family member, Fidel Batista Leyva.

Before being arrested, the Leyva family was subjected to a brutal “act of repudiation” by their neighbors, under the orders of the local Committee for the Defense of the Revolution.

Se rompió la carroza fúnebre, pero no se fué el cabrón




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  1. Once again, that such a seriously shitty monument is the best Castro, Inc. could produce for its supreme exponent is extremely telling. It confirms, apart from its inherent vulgarity and lack of distinction, the regime’s incapacity to create anything worthwhile. The stupid giant pebble, apart from its size, is what one could expect as a grave marker for a dog or some other animal. It’s not even a proper rock, which, if properly chosen, might have made a much more striking impression. It is dull, dreary, gray and lumpish–de una pesadez insoportable. Well, maybe it was fitting, after all.

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